There have been so many theories relating to The Legend of Korra, most relating to Amon. Some have been right on the money (Amon being an energybender) and some are just so wrong (Amon is Jet????) Some have made me laugh, and some have made me cringe. I know I may not be the most qualified user to do this (maybe admins or more experienced users) but I'm eager to give my two cents worth to help separate the crackpot theories from the good ones. I don't mean to offend anyone or their ideas - after all, I may be wrong :)

Likely Theories

  • Amon is linked to someone from the original series: He could be a relation of someone who was disgruntled about Avatar Aang's solution to the war.
  • Amon is Amon: Even though it's contrary to the first idea, it could happen. Maybe the creators wanted to create an all-new villain instead of tying him into the old series.
  • Cabbage Corp was founded by the Cabbage Merchant: Cabbage Corp, the company that produces Hiroshi Sato's Satomobiles could be founded by the Cabbage Merchant. I think that Bryke would like to include the Cabbage Mercahant in the new series as he was such a favourite. Bryke said that the Cabbage Merchant would somehow be incorporated into LoK; this seem so be the most likely way.

Plausible Yet Unlikely Theories

  • Amon's "energybending" is not permenant: I quite like the idea of this theory. This suggests that just because Amon said his energy bending permenantly takes away a bender's bending, people's subconsciousness somehow block them from bending, sort of like a placebo.
  • Amon blocks the chakras, not bending: Some people have suggested Amon's energybending disrupts the chi path, but doesn't actually take away bending, and that the block is just temporary.
  • The same firebender killed Amon's and Mako's and Bolin's parents: They way they both describe the firebender, it sounds like it could be the same person. Also, it's interesting that in both attacks, there was only one firebender. After The Hundred Year War, there were many groups of villains (e.g. the Triple Threat Triad) but this firebender seemed to be working alone. I also believe that this firebender may make an appearence sometime in the series, if it is the same one. However, it is more likely that this is just a random act of two firebenders that were unhappy with the war's ending.
  • Tarrlok is Amon: Tarrlok does seem to have the right conniving personality, but I am personally disinclined to believe he is Amon. At the end of 'The Voice In The Night', when Amon captures Korra, Tarrlok is supposed to be with Tenzin. I know we never hear Tenzin's first-hand account about what happens, but you think he would get suspicious if Tarrlok left, and while he was gone, Amon captured Korra. Also, Amon says he used to live on a farm. If Tarrlok grew up in Republic City he wouldn't live on a farm, as the city seems to have skyscrapers that have been established for at least 40 years, and therefore there would be no farms. If he grew up in the Northern Water Tribe there are no farms either - only ice.
    Korra facing Amon

    Amon threatening Korra

Crackpot Theories

  • Zhao killed Amon's family: Amon would have to be at least 75 years old for this theory to work, and it's unlikely an Admiral/Commander would spend time extorring money from people. And, most importantly, he's dead.
  • Amon is the lion turtle: Come on, guys. Do I even need to explain that one? The lion turtle is a gigantic animal; Amon is a normal-sized man.
  • Amon is the Avatar: There can only be ONE Avatar at a time. Also, the lion turtle said that 'in the era before the Avatar, people bent not the elements, but the energy inside themselves' (sorry if I misquoted that at all). This suggests that normal people can energybend as well.
  • Amon is someone from A:TLA: He would have to be at least 75 years old. Not likely.
  • Amon is Korra: Please, please, whoever wrote this I hope you're joking (for the sake of my sanity). If you're not: 1. Amon is evil, Korra is good. 2. They have been pictured in the same scene. 3. Amon is the leader of a massive criminal organisation, Korra is the Avatar.
  • Mako is Zuko and Mai's son: A lot of people have been saying that Mako was named after Mai and Zuko (Mai+Zuko). Three reasons to sink that theory: 1. Katara and Aang didn't call any of their children Kataang! The name's just coincidence. 2. Mako was named after Mako Iwamatsu, Iroh's voice actor that died during the show. 3. Zuko would've had to been around 67 when Mako was born. He would be a grandfather by then.
  • Amon is Bumi (Aang' son): This is probably the most debated Amon theory on Avatar wiki. I am a non-believer, as there is so much more evidence against it than there is for it. Firstly, Bumi's complexion is much darker than Amon's. Secondly, Bumi is Aang's son. It's highly unlikely that the Avatar's son is now an evil genius, especially such Aang and Katara were/ are generally gentle people. Also, Amon said that his parents were killed by firebenders. Katara is still alive, and Aang is way too powerful to be killed like that. Lastly, just because Bumi is a non-bender, doesn't mean he's consumed with jealousy. There are thousands of non-benders, many of whom may be surrounded by benders. Remember Poi and Ping, the twins from 'The Fortuneteller'? Poi was an earthbender, but his brother Ping wasn't. I'm not suggesting at all that Ping is Amon, but there must be many other cases like that, that would make Amon jealous, and eventually criminal.


Shiro Shinobi

Creepy, huh...

There have been so many theories about Amon and LoK in general. Some have been downright brilliant; most have left me shaking my head. Now to add my own theory: Amon is Shiro Shinobi, the radio broadcaster. Just look at his eyes if you don't believe me...

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