I've recently read this forum, which ridiculously suggests that various admins and rollbackers should be stripped of their responsiblities, because of a few misguided comments.

Before I go on, I want to make it clear that I am not targeting anyone who may be against the admins in that forum, nor am I an admin-worshipper who believes the admins are the human incarnations of God. However, I think that the admins do a great job, and are unfairly targeted for a lot of minor things. If you've read the forum, you'll see the overwhelming support for the admins, which shows that 95% of the wiki feel as I do. However, the 5% that don't can be quite nasty, and are generally fuelled by jealousy. It's fair enough if you don't agree with a decision an admin makes, but the best way to talk to them about it is a civil message on their walls, not make a whinging forum about them.

Just one more message: Next time you think about complaining when an administrator reverts one of your edits, or they say something you don't like, talk it out with them instead of making pointless blogs or forums condemning them.

Sorry about my rant, but I really feel strongly about this subject. Special apologies to MateyY, as he is a great contributor to the wiki, and I am certainly not trying to target him. Please, if you feel offended by this blog, talk to me about it on my message wall, or post a message below, and I'd be happy to change it if I feel it's necessary.

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