So far I've been very impressed with The Legend of Korra. It has a great new plot, with great characters, and doesn't remind us too much of the original series, but connects with it nevertheless. At first I didn't really like it, but once I took my nostalgia goggles off, I enjoyed it immensely. I've compiled a list of five things I want to see before the end of the series:

1. Amon's Identity

There has been so much speculation as to who Amon could be. Ideas range from completely wacky (or creative, as you optimists might think) to great theories that could really happen. I would love it if Bryke made Amon a character that no-one suspected. Kudos to them if they can do it, because nearly every character has been suggested as Amon. I truly hope he's not someone like Bumi (Aang's son) or Azula's son, because those outcomes are tacky and overused.

It would also be very interesting if Amon's identity was not revealed. Although it would be immensly frustrating, and I would spend the rest of my life wondering, it would show that Amon is anonymous, and was never intended to be a recognised character.

2. Revelations about Team Avatar

I really hope the creators reveal more things about Team Avatar (such as children and marriages etc.) There has been a lot of talk on the wiki about it and I think it would be great to clean some things up. For example, I hope to find out who Lin's father is. I've honestly had enough of suggestions that Toph and Aang had an affair, or that Lin was adopted, because Toph is too wild to find a husband. Maybe some people should just slow down, and consider that just because you're a 'wild child' at the age of 12, does not mean you'll be like that for the rest of your life.

3. Zutara

I want the Zutara myth (yes, Zutarians, it is a myth, it never actually happened) to be disproved. Just because Katara and Zuko are the only confirmed members of Team Avatar to still be alive, does not mean that they are going to get together. It's fine to ship whoever you want, and it makes a good debate, but the closest thing to Zutara was in The Ember Island Players, and that was a joke on the part of the creators.

4. Development in the world of Avatar

It would be great to find out more about what has happened in 70 years to the rest of the Avatar world. Has the Southern Water Tribe been rebuilt? How does Ba Sing Se differ from 70 years ago? I know Bryke have said they don't want the characters to travel much, so as not to seem like the original series, but it would be great to get some insight into what other places are like after the war.

5. Pro-bending

Pro-bending match

Pro-bending: The Way of the Future?

I have to say, so far I've been slightly disappointed with pro-bending. Instead of benders using great moves (e.g. the octopus, or Aang's air silhouette), like in duels, they just do standard moves, like shooting jets of water at their opponents. However, I like it how pro-benders have trouble adapting their bending to real life situations. For example, when Bolin was facing the Lieutenant, he shot discs of earth that were roughly the same size and shape as the ones used in pro-bending - he didn't used any other moves, and therefore was beaten by the Lieutenant. I think this adds a great aspect to the story, and opens up several future possibilities, such as Korra teaching the brothers how to properly fight.

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