Hello again! Here is part 2 of Korra and Lee! DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN AVATAR: LEGEND OF KORRA!!!!!!! Previously, we saw Korra confront Lee at the Jasmine Dragon. Lee's last words on my previous blog were: "Stay BACK!! I HAVE A SPOON AND I DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE IT!!!!!!!! Now onto the story:

Korra: Calm DOWN!!!! I'm not a stalker!!!!

Lee: Then who are you (Starts to settle down, but still holds the spoon)

Korra: Well... I'm avatar Korra.

Lee: WHAT!!!!! I'm SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO SORRY!!!!!! (Bows down) x3

Korra: You don't need to do that...I mean its no big deal.

Lee: Oh, okay. Sorry though. (Scratches back of head)

Korra: So your name is Lee right?

Lee: Yeah! I own this shop. But I wasn't the original owner. My great- grandfather's uncle opened this shop.

Korra: Wasn't his name Iroh?

Lee: Yeah! How'd you know?

Korra: I don't know, I just knew.

Lee: Oh, here is your tea by the way. (Hands Korra a cup of tea)

Korra: Thanks. (Takes a sip) ...

Lee: What's wrong?

Korra: Well, the tea is kinda cold.

Lee: I'm SORRY!!!! Ugh... why can't I get anything right today! (Grabs tea cup and firebends it to heat it up)

Korra: Woah! Your a firebender?

Lee: Yeah. It runs through the family I guess. I work hard to earn the respect of every customer.

Korra: I can tell. Hey do you want to go for a walk after your done working?

Lee: Well uh..

Korra: Oh sorry. I didn't know that you had some plans. That was a stupid question anyway. I mean, going for a walk with the avatar? Kinda weird...

Lee: No! I mean... I'd love to go!

Korra: Okay. I'll meet you at the fountain at sunset.

Lee: Kk!! <3

(Lee walks towards fountain where Korra is standing)

Korra: You made it.

Lee: Yup.


Lee: Uh, so do you want to walk? Or do you want to stand around and wait for Sozin's Comet to arrive. (Humorous smile)

Korra: I guess we can walk now.

(Lee and Korra leave the fountain)

Lee: So Korra...

Korra: Yeah?

Lee: Why do I look familiar to you?

Korra: I don't know. Maybe one of my past lives have met someone like you before.

Lee: You must be talking about avatar Aang. He was friends with my great-grandfather Zuko. People always mistake me for Zuko at first glance, until they notice that I don't have a sc

Korra: No wonder why! Your great-grandfather does look a lot like you! But I've heard about him in stories. His personality is nothing like yours. Firelord Zuko was hot-headed, stubborn, and stern. You are funny, happy, and interesting.

Lee: Yeah...

Korra: Wait, so that means that you come from royalty!

Lee: I know.

Korra: Then why aren't you Firelord?

Lee: My brother is currently ruling the Fire Nation. I'm just a simple tea shop worker.

Korra: Your not just a tea shop worker. Your special in your own way! You make the best tea in Ba Sing Se.

Lee: Yeah. But I wan't to do mre than make tea and firebend. But what...

Korra: ...

Lee: ...

Korra: ... I know! You can come with me to help me search for Tenzin!

Lee: I don't know... I can't just leave my tea shop and my employees.

Korra: Everything will be fine! Just leave it to your manager.

Lee: I guess. Okay... I'll come! <D

Korra: Thanks a lot!

Whew! That was a pretty long one! Rate and comment please! And don't be afraid to share your ideas to me because I might use it for my next story! Thanks for your support!!! :3

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