• Flareonzuko

    Hello again! Here is part 2 of Korra and Lee! DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN AVATAR: LEGEND OF KORRA!!!!!!! Previously, we saw Korra confront Lee at the Jasmine Dragon. Lee's last words on my previous blog were: "Stay BACK!! I HAVE A SPOON AND I DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE IT!!!!!!!! Now onto the story:

    Korra: Calm DOWN!!!! I'm not a stalker!!!!

    Lee: Then who are you (Starts to settle down, but still holds the spoon)

    Korra: Well... I'm avatar Korra.

    Lee: WHAT!!!!! I'm SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO SORRY!!!!!! (Bows down) x3

    Korra: You don't need to do that...I mean its no big deal.

    Lee: Oh, okay. Sorry though. (Scratches back of head)

    Korra: So your name is Lee right?

    Lee: Yeah! I own this shop. But I wasn't the original owner. My great- grandfather's uncle opened this sho…

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  • Flareonzuko

    Hello! This is my first blog! If you found my previous comments with Korra and Lee, you are on the right track! I blog about Lee's odd personality. If this is the first time you have heard of this, then I'll explain. Lee is a character that I made up for Legend of Korra that is supposed to be the great-grandson of Zuko and Mai (fyi, I am a Zutara fan, but who cares). Lee is a fun-loving, happy, dense character who looks EXACTLY like Zuko only with no scar. Yes, he is practically the total opposite of Zuko. Lee isn't Firelord (yet) because his brother is current Firelord. So Lee works at the Jasmine Dragon, that tea shop that Uncle Iroh opened. I think Korra should fall in love with Lee so then Kataang fans and Zutara fans will be happy. Korr…

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