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July 2, 2010
  • Firestar112

    Fanon help plz

    November 23, 2010 by Firestar112

    I have to consider many things... First, to find out how to put pics on here!!! Second, if I am going to write a fanon, what it should be about. I have a few ideas but not very many of high quality. Third, I am going to need a co-writer as I still do not have full writing abilities (By well I mean of decent quality). So I will give little bits of maybe's to this blog and see what YOU guys like the best! Yup! You guys get to help me out... Only a few things for you to keep in mind...

    1. No Zutara (i would do canon only)

    2. You guys won't beg for innaprorpriate stuff as I have an 10 year old sis who watches me so...

    3. Nothing already taken from other fanons (Avatar: Guardian, ect.)

    4. Back down on the vandilism and ask you maybe help me out

    5. B…

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