What no no no destiny yelled when she saw that zuko was gone.She knew that the avatar had been following the thing as well but she didn't see him.Tears started filling her eyes.The soldiers that had followed them were starting to come through the bushes.When they saw her cring and they knew that she didn't catch him.Iroh had a few tears in his eyes but all of them did.Aang was looking over a large statue of a bear and he felt sadness for them.Whoa so the fire nation does have a soft side to them aang thought.Destiny started to rise up from the ground and she heard something.She heard a wolf howling.It was faint but she knew what it meant.Zuko was alive in the spirt world.She felt a chill go down her back.Then she wisperd to her self oh no please don't go in the cave.Then they started walking to the vilage to get the komodo rinos.When katara saw them she raised a water whip.Destiny just gave her a sad look and walked past her.Katara said to herself what why didn't she attack me.Destiny heard her and said i have no reason to.Whats up with her katara asked.I just lost the only guy i ever thought i could trust destiny yelled bitterly.Katara jumped back stunned but she could see the tears in her eyes.Destiny thought to herself great now im even geting his atitude.Well aang and sokka havn't come back yet katara said.So i can't believe that i'm asking this would you want to wait until they come back.This stunned all of them.Um guys destiny asked not sure what she should do.They all agread that she could but they would go back to the ship.So after the men left katara asked so are you like a couple with zuko.Yeah destiny said looking dwn at her feet.So when do you think they will be back destiny be continued

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