Zuko was going to the senlin vilage.Iroh went out in the woods alone.After aboat an hour of looking.Zuko and destiny went looking for him.Zuko went ahead of her some because she had stoped to talk to a bird that was one of her friends.Zuko still wasn't completely used to her talking to different species.When Zuko found iroh he was in a hot spring.Zuko told him to get back to the ship but iroh didn't have any cloths on.Then destiny started walking toward them and zuko went to cover her eyes.Um zuko what are you doing she asked.Trust me you don't want to look uncle sit down zuko said sounding disgusted.Destiny saw iroh in the spring and she said um i'll just go over there triping over a tree root.Zuko said eighter get to the ship in 10 minutes or we're leaving with out you.Iroh fell asleep in the spring and was found by earth kingdom soliders.His been gone for an hour zuko said frustrated.Wow what happend to the spring destiny said see the rock ahead.It looks like a rock slide one of the soliders said that had come with them.Rock doesn't slide up hill zuko said.Ostrage horse track s mainly used by the earth kingdom destiny said.Great my uncles been captured by the earth kingdom zuko said sarcasticly.Get on my back and hold on tight destiny said.What zuko said.Just do it she said frustrated.Ok he said geting on her back.Then destiny changed into a eelhound.Then she bolted as fast as she could.Zuko was strugling to hold on.They saw iroh up ahead.Zuko got off of destiny and she turned into a saber toothed moose lion.The soliders ran off.Then they went to the ship to get iroh some cloths.When they got out to take one more look around they went past the vilage a thing from the spirt world grabbed zuko and started to carry him away.Destiny started running after them.Let me go zuko yelled.On the other side the boy from the water tribe was in its clutches.The avatar was tring to get him.They both were inches away from the captured person.They both managed to grad their hands then they be continued so zuko and sokka is in the spirt world

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