When destiny woke up her legs were iching like crazy.When she got to the deck noone else was up.Then zuko got up and he saw her scratching at her legs and asked her if she was ok.She said yeah but my legs have got to be healing because they are iching so much.Then zuko got a knot in his throught are you going to stay when they do zuko asked nervously.Do you want me to she asked tring to claw under the cast.Well yeah i want you to stay zuko said.Then i will she said still tring to scratch the irratating ich.First one quistion how on earth do you scratch under a cast this is driving me nuts destiny said smiling because she was half joking.Zuko smiled and said i'll try to find something.He went to his room and found a pole like object.He handed it to her and said this is what id use.She finaly got saticfaction and thank you.Tomorrow if the ich is gone then ill see if my legs are healed.Nothing really happend that day.Iroh noticed that zuko and destiny wern't in the position like they were yeasterday but they were holding hands.They kissed goodnight again and they could still feel the love between each other.When morning came zuko woke up early.Destiny got up a few minutes after zuko.This sorta startled her.So are you ready to see if i can stand again destiny asked zuko.Zuko turned nodded with a smile.Zuko got out his pocket knife and cut the cast off of her.She took a deep breathe and lifted herself up she stood for a second then allmost fell on her knees but zuko caught her.Are they still broken he asked.She said no my legs are just weaker.She raised herself again this time she didn't fall and she could walk.Zuko noticed she was taller than he thought shed be.She was aboat an inch shorter that him.So whats a way to make your legs stronger destiny asked.Well zuko said what aboat sparing.So your not afraid of geting beat by a girl destiny said with a smirk.Well you've been in that wheelchair for a while zuko said.One thing you dont want to do is get cocky destiny said.So do you want to spar destiny asked.Sure zuko said with a smirk.Ok 3 2 1 destiny said starting the match.Zuko swung at destiny.She ducked under it and grabbed his belt.Then she grabed his hands tied them together and triped zuko.He fell on his back and she pined him.Then she pulled him up and untied his hands.How are you so tough zuko asked.Well i am over 2000 years old i picked things up she said all most laughing at the qustion.Zuko swallowed his pride and asked will you show me some thing.Sure she said knowing it took a lot for him to say that.So what do you want me to show you she asked.I dont know just some thing that i can use.Ok well theres deflection oh throw a punch at me she said geting a strange look from zuko.What why would i do that you allready showed me that you can use a belt as a restraint zuko said rubbing his wrists.Just do it she said.Zuko swung at her.She raised her hand and shoved his away.Ok you can push away any punch kick or bending.What you have to do is look at where the attack begins.If i started to swing a punch here where would you block it.She asked.Zuko said here hoping he was right.Well lets see if your right she said pushing her arm out all the way.Looks like you were right she said.Ready to see if you can do it while im actully moving.Sure he said hoping it wouldn't hurt to much.She swung at him he missed her arm.He went sliding on his back.Nice hit zuko said tring to get his breathe.Well it looks like we found something for you to work on she said while helping him be continued well looks like destiny is tough.

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