When zuko heard the crying he felt like something was wrong with destiny.In destiny's room she was crying then she heard knocking on her door.She wiped the tears from her eyes tring not to let more to come and said its open tring to hide the sadness in her voice.Zuko walked in and asked if she was ok.She said she was fine but since she didn't look him in the eyes like she would usualy he knew that something was wrong.Ok whats wrong zuko asked clearly not fooled by her answer and he started walking over to her bed.She hid he face in her pillow.He placed his hand on her back and said why can't you tell me whats wrong.She finaly lifted her head to look at him and said sorta bitter why do you care aboat whats wrong with me.Stunned zuko said why wouldn't i care aboat you.Then she looked away from his eyes and said because im just some girl that you shouldn't care anything aboat.Then something came over zuko he lifted her head so she would be looking at his face and said but i do care and i just want to know why your so sad.She had a stream of tears running down her face and said ok ill tell you.She started it was aboat 130 years ago and i was going out with sozin and he was starting to take over earth kingdom teiratory and we got into a fight we broke up and he didn't like rejection and he sent people to kill all of my family.I tried to defend them but i just couldn't and there was so much fire and blood.The worst was the smell of burning fleash.Zuko shuddered at the thought of it.Then destiny couldn't hold back the tears.Zuko pulled her over to wear her head was leaning on his cheast and he huged her.She raped her arms around him.When she was done crying she lifted her head and her eyes were red from sobbing so long.Then she got a little smile and said what do you think iroh would say if he saw us like that.Well he would probable give me a speach aboat how i need a girlfriend zuko said with a smile and a caring look.Oh boy if jee saw you come in here this time we are going to get an ear full tomorrow destiny with the same look on her face.Then they both leaned in and they kissed.After awhile zuko went back to his room.For the rest of the night he had a smile and a faraway look.When he got up destiny was up.Zuko walked up next to her and looked down to a look of care and bliss.He had the same look.And they both looked at the sunrise.Zuko croached down next to her and held her hand and destiny laid her head on his shoulder not even caring if someone walked out and saw them because now he knew that the feeling he had since she had started talking to him was love.The person that walked out was jee.He walked over with a smich on his face and said noting happend oh really.Well i just can't wait till uncle sees this zuko said.Then iroh walked out and said till i see what oh iroh said when he saw them.How did this happen he said with a broad smile.Iroh said they were going to have music night tonight.Zuko and destiny were to busy daydreaming to hear what other people were saying.Then destiny got up to sing.This time she sang the entire song she started john daniel came to town 1 summer afternoon.Everyone was amazed by how pure her voice was.when she got half way done everyone in cluding zuko were singing along with her.When they all started to go to bed zuko kissed destiny goodnight and she kissed him back.Iroh allmost yelled out with joy of zuko kissing a girl and her kissing him back.The next day they were heading toward kyoshi island.When they got there zuko and some of the soldiers mounted their komodo rinos and zuko put on a helmet with a firenation insignia on it with the middle stretched up.Destiny had to look away to keep from laughing at it.Then they started looking out throught the forest.Destiny was just using her wheelchair.Then they saw the avatar and his friends only the water tribe boy was wearing a kyoshi warrior uniform which was a dress.Destiny thought this is such a wierd time.Then some of the warriors ambushed some of our men.One tried to ambush zuko but his rino knocked her away.Things were happening to fast for destiny to catch eveything.Then she screamed because all she saw was a wall of fire.It reminded her of sozin and she could hear his wicked laugh taunting her.After being horrified she airbended the flames out.Then she looked for more fire to put out.Every time she got 1 out another started.Then for evey 1 she got another 2 started she couldn't stop them.Then she felt water on her skin it was the unigi spraying the village she felt it was a miracle that the avatar got away and got the unigi to do that.Then she looked over ata zuko and snickered a little.He had been drenched and since he was firenation he didn't really like be continued well zuko and destiny kiss in public so am i done oh heak no i still have the rest of this season and the other two.Iroh was very joyous that zuko had a girl friend.Next one im skiping to when destiny's legs are starting to heal.

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