Zuko was furious at jee for saying that.A good catch zuko said geting angrier each second.Don't you think she should have a little more respect he said tring not to let destiny hear their slightly sexsest conversation.Guys would you 2 knock it off do you want iroh making cracks aboat all of us he might be sweet but he can't resist gosip destiny said in a harsh wisper.Wow she has good hearing jee said.And im 3 feet away from you 2.By that time the ship was reaching a port where fire nation ships get repaired.Zuko destiny and iroh got off the ship.They met zhoa and he brought to a room while the ship was being repaired.Destiny was daydreaming to avoid the fighting going on between zuko and zhoa.Before she knew it they had made plans for an agni chi.When they got there destiny was shacking from nerousness that zhoa would first evey thing was even then zhoa got ahead by knocking zuko down.Then zuko knocked zhoa down and won the match but he spared him.Then when zuko destiny and iroh were walking away zhoa took a shot at zuko but iroh stoped him and said even in exile my nephew is more anerable that you thanks for the tea.Exile zuko was banished destiny thought.Then zhoa said refering to zuko at least im not the one with a cripled girl on my ship.This enraged zuko not aboat him but for him saying that aboat destiny.He stoped and swung a huge fireball at zhoa while doing it he yelled dont talk aboat her like that.Zhoa managed to dogde it and get just a slight burn.Zuko was wondering why he kept on defending her like that.Destiny was wondering the same thing.When they got to the ship noone said anything iroh didn't even make a crack aboat it.That night zuko was awake most of the night but before he fell asleep he went outside to get some fresh air and destiny was up.He walked over and sarcasticly asked do you even sleep.Ignoring his comment destiny said why did you stand up for me.Zuko stunned that she asked that said it sorta just happened.Oh she said sounding sorta sad.Why do you sound so sad that i did zuko asked thinking he did something wrong.Because i don't need to start liking someone i wont be around after a few weeks she said.Well ill see you later ok zuko said with a little bit of sorrow in his heart.Wait destiny called out franticly.Then she asked will you bend over just a little.Zuko said sure very confussed he bent over.Then destiny leaned forward and kissed him on the cheak.Zukos face was almost completely red from blushing.I'll see you later destiny said going to her room.When zuko finally got to sleep and he dreamed that he was on a beach like before only this time he didn't have on a shirt.He saw destiny in the red dress and he felt heat from his body he was sweating.This time destiny walked over to zuko to where they were inches away from each others faces and their cheast were up against each other.Then they kissed at that time zuko woke up and everythig from the dream was gone.He was soaked with the sweat from his dream.It was still night and he heard something that sounded like crying.He went outside his room and the crying was coming from destiny's be continued well destiny kissed zuko and zuko is have dreams aboat her again.

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