When she started thinking aboat kuruk she got a tear in her eye.She turned her head so zuko couldn't see her cry.Zuko was thinking aboat what just happened and wondering why he cared aboat her so much.Zuko thought if iroh had seen the look he given her when they were talking that he would make cracks on how he needed a girlfriend.Even with her head turned zuko could see tears running down her cheak.She was still thinking aboat kuruk and the last time she saw him.He had just broken up with her but she didn't mind because she thought that they should to but he beat her to it.He got a new girlfriend but ko the face stealer killed her.He was filled with rage he went to slay him but he never came back.Zuko was looking threw a teleshope at the horizon and muttering to himself.Then zuko yelled tell my uncle i found the avatar.This startled destiny and she came out of her daydream.She was in such deep thought that she had missed a flare that had been shot up in the air from a old abandond fire navy ship.It would still be a while before they reached the vilage so destiny went to her room to pass some time.She had a feeling that things were wrong.Then she started thinking aboat how sozin broke her heart.How much carnage he brought on her homeland after a fight between them.Then she stoped not wanting to think aboat the horror and death.When they first met he was sweet then he changed into a monster.Then something came across her mind zuko was from that blood line sure he was a little soft on the heart but that was how sozin started out and she thought about iroh he hadn't become hard over the years he was even as childish as when she met him in the woods aboat 40 years ago.Destiny wanted to scream she didn't want to make a mistake again as soon as she was able she would leave.But why was it since she had been on the ship that she had so many memories coming back to her.She stayed in there untill she heard running outside.She went outside to the deck to see a boy that was a air nomad she could tell from the tatoos and clothing and two water tribe teenagers.She knew that this was the avatar and he was in the avatar state.Then she saw him waterbending and hit a few of the men on the ship.Then he raised it up and swung the water very powerfully at zuko it hit him.He was knocked out and off the ship.Before she knew what she was doing destiny shouted zuko rolled to the side of the ship and with one big push went off the side of the ship to get him.Since she couldn't use her legs to swim she grabed the ancher hung zuko by his armor and water bended to see if he had any moister in his lung.She froze the water beneeth them and water bended them up to the deck.On the way up zuko opened his eyes to see destiny waterbending.When they got to the top destiny waterbended the water off of zuko so he wouldn't get hypothermea.The avatar had escaped.Destiny went to the room that she would stay in.In the middle of the night she heard knocking.Its open said destiny.She looked to see who it was and it was zuko.He said can i talk to you.Sure i bet you don't even trust me anymore do you destiny said.Why wouldn't i trust you he said.Because i water bended and didn't tell you i could and i guess i might as well tell you that i can bend all 4 elements destiny said with anger in her voice.Actully i just wanted to talk and i cant do it with a guy and i sure cant with my uncle.Ok what did you want to say destiny asked.Well do you mind if i talk aboat how much i miss my mom zuko asked hoping that she didn't make fun of him.This intriged destiny she said with interest in her voice sure go ahead.but she added what brought this up.He said well um you kinda remind me of her since your both sweet and um (in a wisper)beautiful.Then in an instant what was that last word she said looking at him intensly.Uh nothing it was nothing he said tring to cover what he had just said.No you said something she said her stare geting more intence.Uuuuuugggggggggghhhhhhhhhh fine i said your uuuuuuuhhhhhhh beautiful he said staling before saying it.Oh she said blushing a little.Um you said you wanted to talk aboat your mom she said tring to end the silence.Uh right well uh um i forgot what to say he said embareced.Um please don't tell uncle i said that he said nevously.Ok she said holding back laghter and blushing.Oh there was something i wanted to ask why were you crying earlyer he said.Her smile quikly faded its not realy something i like to think aboat wait were you staring at me she said going from sad to curious.His eyes got wider he opened his mouth to speak but all that came out was uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and he started to blush.Ok is there something else you wanted to talk aboat she said hoping that this moment would end but her heart felt like it was happy that he was paying atention to her.I don't think so but my mind has kinda gone blank he said still blushing from his absent minded give away.So why were you crying he asked hoping he didn't do something.Do you really want to hear aboat someone thats already dead she sad hoping that he wouldn't want to hear it.Well it sounds like something you been holding in a long time he said wanting the answer even thought it didn't consern him.Its aboat kuruk.He was an old boyfriend she said.Zuko all of a sudden feeling a little jelous of him.And he broke up with me and found a new girlfriend she said biting her lip then continueing her face was stolen by ko and kuruk went to kill him but he didn't come back out of ko's cave she said leting out a tear.Zuko then stunned from the coment her face was stolen.Wow was all zuko could get out.Not like you expected was it she said a little sadness still in her voice.Well what i was going to say earlyer was that the reason that i miss my mom so much is that it was in the middle of the night that she said goodbye zuko said with a ache in his heart.Then zuko got up half asleep and said please don't hate me for.He leaned over next to her and kissed her on the cheak.Then he pulled back expecting to be slapped.She was cought off gaurd and said wow um uh how could i hate you for that.I don't know i just thought since we don't know eachother that good Zuko said stunned by not being slapped or fireblasted.So i'll see you in the morning then zuko said.She said right see you then she said as he walked out.In the morning destiny was still stunned by what had happend.Everyone got up aboat a hour later But zuko got up sonner as usual.But this morning they didn't talk much not wanting anyone to know aboat last night.Destiny could tell he got a lot less sleep last night because he strechted a lot for a while.Then jee was the next one up and gave zuko a weird look and wisperd in his ear have a long night.Zuko wisperd angierly i didn't do that we just talked.Jee said right what ever you say by the way very nice pick she a good be continued zuko made his move but how did jee know where he was.

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