That night zuko laid awake thinking of destiny for some reason he couldnt get her off of his mind.When he finally got to sleep he pictured a girl in a red dress that looked a lot like destiny she was standing next to a large body of water.She looked at zuko and said what do you think i am.He said what not understanding the question.Then she repeated what do you think i am.Im not human.Then zuko woke up not understanding his dream.He got dressed in his armor and went to the deck.Destiny was the only one up yet.Zuko couldnt help himself.He quikly walked up to her and said this is going to sound weird but are you human.She looked up startled and said dang it i was hoping no one would notice.Zuko stuned and bafled asked what.Then she realised she was in the clear for the big secret.She said i was born human but i learned how to shapshift why do you ask oh it was because i had a weird dream.Really what happend in it asked destiny.well you were next to some lake and in a dress then he was cut off by laughter.Zuko looked at her weird.She said sorry but i cant even picture my self in a dress sorry sorry please continue.Then zuko started again and said you asked me what you were.Then zuko asked is there anything else i should now that im getting creaped out.She said well im over 2000 years old.Zuko gave her a weird look and said you dont look like it.Well when your a shapshifter you live a long time and you chose what age you look.Um one more thing why do you have slited eyes and fangs.There a side affect she said being careful not to give away any thing that would help him find out anything that would help him figure out her real secret.Before they continued their conversation iroh walked out on the deck.Aboat a half hour later they saw a light go up through the cloads.And zuko said that it must be the avatar.Iroh tried to get him not to get his hopes up.But i knew it was the avatar and things were going to be discovered.Not aboat her but things aboat the avatar.Iroh went to the helm.Zuko knew that he couldn't hear them up there so he asked why didn't you tell me that you were a shapshifter.She looked over to him expecting to see the hard look of anger he allways had but replacing it was a conserned look.She said i just don't know who to trust anymore.There was an erie silence.Then zuko asked so why didn't you change when the ice was falling.She said i tried but it hit me and pined me to fast.He said oh.She drifted off in a day dream thinking aboat things and people that made an impact on her life.She started thinking aboat a boyfriend that died a 1000 years ago.Avatar kuruk he was the nicest person she ever be continued next chapter is where zuko starts confessing to destiny and the fist aperance of aang katara sokka and appa

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