One day at the south pole zuko was looking for the avatar when he saw a stream of fire hit a wall of ice.His first thought someone was attacking his ship but then he heard a girl scream.He thought his eyes were playing tricks on him because for a second it looked like she changed into a hawk and then changed back into a human.Then the ice hit the ship it didn't do much but the girl's legs were under the ice and zuko saw something out of the coner of his eye it was a man.He looked like he was after the girl and zuko could tell he was an asasin.Zuko started to walk over to the girl and he saw that she was still alive.But so the man wouldn't kill her he melted the ice and picked her up.He took her to a spare room layed her on a bed and raped her legs in cast since they had been broken by the falling ice.He went to his bedroom since it was geting late.In the middle of the night iroh went in the room to check on her and to see if it was who he thought it was.When he left the room zuko was up to get some fresh air.Uncle what are you doing up zuko asked his uncle.I was just checking on her.They both went back to bed zuko thinking the girl wouldn't last the night iroh knowing that was an old freind that was laying in the bed that could die at any moment.In the morning when they went into the room the girl was waking up which surprised zuko but he was thankful that she didn't become a victim of asasinnation.Iroh was glad that his friend didn't die.Where am i asked the girl.Zuko said the south pole just now being able to see her eyes.They were dark green and were slited like a cats and she had canine teeth that were like fangs.Whats your name zuko asked.The girl said destiny.Why are you at the south pole wearing a short sleaved shirt and jeans and why are barefooted?She said very weakly i always wear this.You should get some rest zuko said.So they left the girl in the room to sleep.There is something strange aboat that girl zuko told his uncle.Iroh hoping that zuko handn't figured out who she was he asked what do you mean nephew.Well who wears that some place like this and she just doesn't seem right zuko said.Destiny was able to hear zuko talking because she was a shapeshifter and she had very good hearing.She was also thinking of what would happen if the firebenders found out her secret then she drifted off into a deep sleep.Then someone woke her up it was zuko my uncle wanted to know if you want to go to music night zuko said.She said i would love to.So zuko got her a wheelchair she lifted herself into be continued well i think thats good for now and im typeing this part so youll read the next chapter destiny has a huge secret.

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