As zuko was leaving he was hoping his plan would work.When he reached a island he saw the avatar bison.He was sneaking to the door so if there was anyone there he wouldnt get caught.It was a large room with no one in it so he started walking across to the doors.He saw the avatars friends down a long hallway and he bolted between a pillar ant the wall because he saw zhoa holding onto them.Zhoa had them on the same chain so he had a free hand.He was walking past zuko hiding spot when all of a sudden he bolted in and grabed zuko ponytail.Zuko let out a small scream from shock and pain from being lifted off the ground by his hair.Then two soilders quickly shackled his hands and raped a cloth around his mouth.Did you realy think your little smoke screan would fool me zhoa said with confidence in his voice.He leaded zuko and the water tribe siblings to a room with a large door and tied them to pillars.A glow was coming from it and it was opening.Zuko didnt even notice destiny behind him.She bite into the chain and easily broke them.Get on she said starteling zuko.He did as she said when she turned into a eel hound.When they got to the front door zuko saw that zhoa had completly demolished his skiff and zuko saw something glimering in the sand.Stop he said.What is it destiny said stoping.He dismonted and went over and picked it up.Its that water tribe girl's necklace he said.So destiny said thinking he was wasting time.We could use this against them he said.Ok ok just get back on so we can get out of here she said trying to hurry him up.He got back on her and when they got to the ship destiny asked ok just how was that being careful.Well i kinda wasnt expecting zhoa to be there he said pulling hairs out of ponytail that had come lose.They went to bed because it was geting pretty late.When they woke up they went outside on the deck.Hey how aboat we train a little destiny asked zuko.Sure was zukos replie.Ok do you want work on hand to hand combat or bending destiny asked.Bending zuko said yawning.Still tiered destiny asked.A little he said rubing the sleep out of his good eye.Ok i know what will wake you up destiny said.Then she bended a large stream of cold water over his head.Hey he shouted.She bended the water off of him and back into the ocean.Sorry i just couldn't resist she trying not to burst out laughing.Ok now the training zuko said sounding a little happier that she haddent laughed out loud.Get into a horse stance she said.A what zuko said confused.Oh right thats earthbenders that actually use that but still this could help you just mirrior me destiny said geting into the stance.The key is to be phisicly and mentaly unmoveable destiny said pushing on zukos back a little almost losing his balance.Ok try centering your balance destiny said.This time he got it right.Now it will harder for your oponant to knock you down destiny said.Then the ship turned zuko went to the helm with rage.What is the meaning of this muntany zuko said.Who told you to change corse he said.Who says muntany destiny thought.I told him to iroh spoke up.It seems i have miss placed my lotus tile iroh said.Perhaps someone will have it in stock iroh said taking the pot in a game of pai sho he was playing.Zuko was geting angrier by the second untill he let out a breathe of fire filling the room with smoke.Im glad that i have such an understanding nephew iroh said.Destiny started coghing from the smoke then she left the room.Destiny and zuko were training untill they reached a port.Then they got off and just walked around while everyone else went looking for the game peice.Am i the only girl that hates shoping destiny said with a groan.Uncle is the wrong person to be with then zuko said.Then iroh walked to them and said he couldnt find it.Well its good to know that this was a complete waste of time for everyone zuko said anoyed.I wouldnt say that iroh said then a solider walked past them with a sungie horn.Why did you buy another sungi horn zuko asked his uncle.For music night iroh said.Then iroh spotted a ship over to the side with a man advertising that it was a store.Iroh walked in it.How aboat we see if they have anything that we might want destiny asked...............................sorry but i have to stop for tonght peace out

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