What where is he destiny screamed at the thing.It gave a grunt that destiny could tell meant ko.A stream of tears started running down her face.No i wont lose anyone else to him how can i get in the spirt world destiny screamed more tears coming as she felt rage coming over her.She snorted fire in frustration.It grunted again to say to follow him.So they went to the statue of the bear.Destiny said now what.The thing blasted what looked like light at her.She started to glow as she went to the spirt world.When she was in the spirt world she felt a large amont of power.She could see ko's cave as she wisperd to her self im coming zuko.When made it to the cave ko said what are you doing here your majesty.Im looking for a male human that might have wandered in here earlier destiny said keeping a straight.What did he look like madam ko said fearing her power.He was fire nation and..........she paused as she saw the faceless body of zuko.Was that him ko asked.Yes destiny said.I'll make you a deal let all of the ones that have a chance of making their way back into the world have their faces back and you get to keep your pathtic life destiny said trying not to let her rage get the better of her.Just then ko gave zuko and a large mound of lifeless bodys their faces.Zuko gave a groan and started to get up.Destiny he said seeing her by ko.Zuko destiny said smiling the first time since he had been traped.Destiny another two familar voices said.Destiny looked over to see kuruk and the girl he had begain dating.Kuruk flo its so nice to see you two after all this time destiny said not beliving her eyes while she was huging zuko.Later when zuko and destiny were leaving they heard a voice well well well look who it is.Oh no not him destiny said.Come on zuko destiny said not wanting to stay.The thing got them to the mortal world as quick as he could.Who was that zuko asked.Then he saw the horror in her eyes.Oh it was sozien wasnt it zuko said remembering the look in her eyes.But destiny didnt hear him she was in a flash back.She started coughing because of the memorie of smoke.Her hands were shaking and she started saying no sozien they didn't do anything.Zuko starting to worry said destiny snap out of it.But it wasnt working and she started screaming as she felt the heat of fire on her skin.Destiny zuko said louder this time shaking her a little to try and snap her out of it.Zuko you can stop know destiny said coming out of her flash back with tears streaming down her face.Zuko pulled her in and huged her to try and get her to stop crying.Thanks she said huging him back.When they got back to the ship there was a loud cheer from the soilder on the ship.Hey their back jee yelled out to the helmsman.It was geting late so they went to bed.Zuko was awake for a while thinking about how scared destiny was because of sozien.When they got up in the mourning they had spoted the avatar.They were close to the fire nation border and there was a blockade.The ship was hit by a bolder shot by another ship.Our engine been hit a macanice shoted out.Dont slow this ship down zuko shouted back and iroh tryed to stop zuko but failed.Zhoa was on the other ship but let them pass and both zuko and destiny knew he was up to something.What is he up to zuko shouted frustrated.Maybe hes following the smoke trail destiny sugested.Zuko got a skiff ready.Just be careful destiny told zuko.Ok keep the ship heading north zuko said kissing destiny goodbye.He got on the skiff and started following the avatar.......................

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