I dont know katara said.Later that night destiny couldnt go to sleep.When morning came destiny was geting even more worried.Then she heard something that sounded like large wings flapping.Do you hear something destiny asked.Katara shoke her head no.You should really get some rest katara said.I cant sleep not with him out there destiny said.Then destiny heard it again.What is that noise destiny said.What noise i dont hear anything katara said.Maybe i need sleep more than i thought destiny said.(in the spirt world)Hello a lost zuko called out.He felt rain starting to fall.He saw a cave up ahead of him.Shelter zuko thought feeling a chill.When he reached the cave he quikly went inside.He heard something behind him.Hello who might you be a chilling voise said.Zuko slowly turned around to see a large centipede like creature with an old mans face.Then everything went black and zuko was in a dark room.It felt like he was floating and he heard a voice looks like ko got someone else.Whose there zuko called out franticly.First i want to know how did a mortal get in here again the voice said.Something grabed me zuko said.Well my name is kuruk the voice said.Kuruk why does that sound............your the guy that was destiny boyfriend zuko said.Yeah how do you know her kuruk asked.Well im kinda her boyfriend now zuko said rubbing his neck.By the way why did you break up with her zuko said.We did love each other but it was more like family kuruk said trying to sum everything up.(in the mortal world)Aang was geting back and was waiting for the thing that took zuko and sokka.It started coming through the trees and aang started talking to it.It opened a door from the spirt world and a few people walked out.There was sokka and a few more but no zuko...............................ko got zuko

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