Most people would asume that there is simply a love triangle present in The Legend of Korra. Bolin likes Korra, who likes Mako, who might have feelings for Korra...I'll take it. But there is so much more that is driving these pairings. Yes, Bolin does very much like Korra, even after the Koko (another name for Makorra) kiss in episode five. Also demonstrated by that same kiss, is the fact thet Mako and Korra both have feelings for each other (hence the triangle). Simple.

However, this isn't all of the puzzle. Mako admitted himself that he likes Asami too. So she adds into the whole love triangle thing, which is currently a rectangle. Asami is now added onto Mako, who is still attatched to Korra, who is still attatched to Bolin.

Wait, it gets even more tangled up. There are fans of the show that ship Tahorra (I am one of them, simply because it is too hard to pick just one, so I ship everybody). If this ship did come to pass or Korra/Tahno harboured any tiny romantic feelings at all for ever other, than a whole new part of the, now, love pentagon (a very mishapen, not even closed off pentagon) would surface.

So, now you see, it is not really a love triangle at all going on in Legend of Korra. Just thought that I should enlighten you. Any comments at all, feel free to say anything.

Random Thought: It would get extremely interesting and very messy if Bolin ever had feelings for Asami....(not that Bryke would really ever do that...most likely)

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