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Halloween 2011!

Greetings, fellow fans!

So, here it goes. My first blog post. As you well know, in the U.S. it is that wonderful time known as H
File:Azula Blurface.jpg
alloween, when people, children and adults alike, dress up in ridiculous costumes and have a good time. Some even go door-to-door begging. This year, my wonderful mother agreed to help me make an Azula costume, and when I say help, I mean she does all the work and I'm useless. The entire costume is basically cleverly camoflagued cardboard (covered in
Aang in the Avatar State
fabric), fabric, and ribbon.

Now, I realize that the show is over and maybe not as popular in every-day life as it once was, but I am a relatively new Avatar fan, so I want to flaunt my fandom. I carved a pumpkin using the image to the left, and on a smaller pumpkin I carved the Fire Nation symbol, topped with the word "Fire". I'm not sure if I or either of my pumpkins will be recognized, but I enjoyed the creation process. Maybe eventually I will blur out my face in a photo and post a picture of the costume. It is amazing. I notice, looking at Azula's pictures, that some of the colors are slightly different, but what does it matter? Any Avatar fan should know immediately that I am Azula.

So what about you? Are you dressing up? Is it Avatar related? Let others know in the comments, and thanks for reading this blog!

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