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    Halloween 2011!

    October 31, 2011 by Firebender896

    Greetings, fellow fans!

    So, here it goes. My first blog post. As you well know, in the U.S. it is that wonderful time known as Halloween, when people, children and adults alike, dress up in ridiculous costumes and have a good time. Some even go door-to-door begging.

    This year, my wonderful mother agreed to help me make an Azula costume, and when I say help, I mean she does all the work and I'm useless. The entire costume is basically cleverly camoflagued cardboard (covered in fabric), fabric, and ribbon.

    Now, I realize that the show is over and maybe not as popular in every-day life as it once was, but I am a relatively new Avatar fan, so I want to flaunt my fandom. I carved a pumpkin using the image to the left, and on a smaller pumpkin I ca…

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