Well. Here goes my first BLOG post that doesn't include pictures made out of characters. I am actually so darn tired that I can't really be stuffed writing 1000 pages worth of this stuff. So, I will tell you guys a funny moment that I experienced not so long ago.


So, for Christmas I recieved a computer/graphics/whatever you want to call it tablet. Now, every X-mas, my Nan rings me up to ask what I got. This year it went a little bit differently:

Nan: So, what did you get for Christmas this year?

Me: I got a tablet.

Nan: A tablet? Are you sick?

Me: No, a computer tablet.

Nan: A computer tablet? Is the computer sick? (Bless her, only learnt how to turn a computer on yesterday.)

Me: No, as in a tablet that lets you draw on the computer.

Nan: You can draw on the computer? Wow. Back in my day, we didn't have electronics....(proceeds to tell me about her life and waste an hours worth of phone credit.)

So. What did you guys get for Christmas and were there any funny events that happened during this holiday? Sorry that it's kinda late (March, lol.)

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