Now, from the title of the blog I bet several people have likely already taken active interest to not click. However, (hopefully) what I'm going to try and do is attempt to make a rational argument as to why pushing the show in this direction would be a good move. Not necessarily based on canon evidence for the ship (as there, regrettably, is little to none), but based on why I personally feel it would be a good route to take the show onto.

1. LGBTQIA representation Edit

Korra and Asami

This one I feel is a big reason for pushing to make the relationship occur. First of all, it's about time. This is an era where gay rights is becoming a very large and active discussion throughout the United States on America, and I think it's time it starts becoming an issue addressed in children's media. To quote a certain well known child's author on the matter:

"The idea that we should treat sexual orientation itself as an adults-only topic, however, is absurd. Non-heterosexual children exist. To pretend they do not, to fail to recognize that they have needs for support and validation like any child, would be bad teaching, bad writing, and bad citizenship." ~Rick Riordan[1]

Homosexuality is most definitely an issue that belongs in children's media. It is a fairly easy concept to grasp, and it's practical invisibility in media is part of what helps allow kids to become so ignorant to it. Many children don't even completely understand or become aware of homosexuality until Middle School, a regrettably late age where it is still hard to change opinions on such matters.

It is high time, I believe, for children's networks to step up to the plate and educate children on these matters. Rick Riordan, author of the popular children's Percy Jackson series (as quoted above) [spoiler alert] recently made a move revealing a character as homosexual. In early 2014, Disney Channel is expecting to air an episode of their sitcom "Good Luck Charlie" which includes an episode with a pair of moms.[2]

It is due time nick and others pick of movement and get with the times, and I feel that on a mature show such as "The Legend of Korra" would be a reasonable place to start, where the matter won't simply be turned into a mere joke.

2. Shipping Wars Edit

Asami and Korra

I think that allowing for Korrasami to become canon would help tide over shippers. Since episode five of Book One, the Legend of Korra shipping battles have, well, split the fandom. Many fans ship "Makorra", others preferring "Borra", "Tahnorra, "Amorra", etc. However, this fighting amongst the fans has proven to create a rift between the fandom, and I feel ultimately comes to Bryke dangling that love triangle over our heads, since they know just how we react to that kind of situation.

However, many popular Makorra tumblr blogs... actually ship Korrasami as well. Or at the very least, have nothing against the ship. I think it's entirely possible that Korrasami may be able to put a smooth end to the battles, as many people would be satisfied with it as long as it was developed and replaced Makorra. While this may not end all feuding, it may prove to soothe over fans at least in a large part, since the ship is so incredibly popular

3. Character Development Edit

Korra ready to fight

Korra has changed a lot from the overconfident teen we saw in episode one, but she still has a long way to go.

I think that if the two wound up in a relationship it would ultimately prove to be a great device for developing the two ladies. One of Korra's biggest flaws that is countlessly brought up is the lack of development in, well, anybody but Korra. However, with this new relationship coming to light, it could prove to be an excellent tool in helping to move along Asami's character.

In addition, it could help prolong Korra's arc instead of having her start over again from ground 1 like she did during Book 2, forgetting a lot of her development along Book 1. It could prove to show Korra dealing with negative backlash for something she can't control, something that always can be useful in helping to develop her as a stronger character.

And it's not just the ladies who could benefit form this, since Makorra ended on a positive note possibly allowing them to continue on as friends, it could mean that the whole "New Team Avatar" finally gets going as a strong, functioning group of friends all working together. We may get a chance to expand upon friendships throughout the group since the new relationship will have pulled the loose ends in the group together, and create a tighter group of friends that one can get much more easily attached to than ever before.

4. Feminism Edit

Korra and Asami becoming friends


I think this is another big reason— despite the claims of a more female oriented series we've gotten, well, nothing as of late. We have Korra, Asami and mostly a cast of men, excluding Eska, who follows strongly to the overly attached girlfriend trope, and while she may kick ass, it doesn't really matter much if all she's portrayed as is a "overly attached girlfriend", not exactly the most feminist trope out there. I suppose there's also Zhu Li, who was Varrick's maid and never talked, and Bei Fong who never did much this book but, quite frankly, act dumb, despite the fact that she's easily one of my favorites on the Legend of Korra. There was Jinora as well, but she only really played a role in the end, and while it was an important role the plot actually wasted little to no time in separating the two characters in the Spirit World as they actually never really... interacted.

A large role in feminism is female-to-female relationships, something we got extremely little. Heck, if a 14-episode season only passes the Bechdel test a few times, it's kind of problematic. There have been hardly any new female characters, excluding Zhu Li and Eska (mentioned above). There is Kya, but Kya spends a large amount of her screen time with her two brothers and while she briefly interacts with Jinora, we don't actually get to find out a lot about her other than a bit about her past with Tenzin and the rough relationship she had as not being Aang's favorite child like Tenzin was. In fact, we were told we were getting more Bumi in book 3 but... nothing about Kya. Like, at all. I surely hope this doesn't mean we're missing out on one of the few compelling female characters we have this season.

Anyways, I deviated from my point, which was that including the female-on-female friendship relationship would be a very interesting part, further centering the role on the females in the show rather than the males of Mako, Bolin, Varrick, Korra's family, etc. Their friendship could become a point central to the show, and also making it a more female dominant show than it currently is, despite its female protagonist. Not that I am trying to call Korra sexist, I just merely wish to point out that it isn't as feminist as it could be.

Conclusion Edit

Korrasami is going to be canon and u cant tell me otherwise.

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