Korra and Asami

Hey all Avatar wiki users! It's been quite a long year, hasn't it? But it's finally come to a close. I wanted to thank everybody who helps and contributes to this wiki, including you, yes you !

So in order to do that, I've created user appreciation month! It's a new user event, think kind of like a combination between the cabbaggies and the user awards (if any of you remember those, if not, don't worry!). In it, each user can write in the comments another user that they appreciate, and something that they did to show appreciation!

As the month progresses, I'll update the list to show who thanks who and why. Keep in mind that this is supposed to be showing your appreciation to your fellow users, so while it might be cool to thank Batman for fighting crime, or your kitten for being cute, please keep the thanks to on-wiki users! Feel free to be creative with your thanks and go nuts, spread the love! The more the merrier! If you can't think of somebody or something to thank, feel free to just second a thanks somebody else has given.

In reward for participating in the user appreciation month, you'll get a neat little userbox, where you can put in somebody who thanked you and what they thanked you for! If nobody thanks you individually, don't worry! I'm giving all of you my thanks for participating this month, and you can use that instead. If more than three users thank you, you can just add many instead of a single user to save space.

This is what it will look like!

FireFerret appreciated this user for participating in user appreciation month 2017.

Any nominations / thanks will be added to this post underneath the following cut as the month progresses, I'll be updating it whenever I'm online and see a new comment. Thanks so much for all you've done this month, have happy holidays and an amazing new year =)

UPDATE: Sorry I'm a little late, I was spending the holidays with my family! I'm here to update and close the blog, and post the user box. Thank you everybody for participating, and I hope you all have a wonderful 2018.

The userbox is {{UserAppreciationBox2017}}, and for details on how to use it, see the template page here, or feel free to ask me on my message wall if you have any further questions. Thank you all for your time!!

Users Thanked


FireFerret would like to thank:

  • for participating in User Appreciation Month.
  • Lady Lostris for keeping the wiki ongoing and constantly editing, even in times with fewer users and content.
  • Minnichi and AvatarRokusGhost for working to put out BSST updates!
  • TechFilmer, Tono555, and all other regular editors for helping to keep the wiki up and running.

AvatarRokus Ghost

AvatarRokusGhost thanks:

  • FireFerret for putting this event together for all of us :)
  • KettleMeetPot for his acts of online coding sorcery, doing all sorts of things on here that a coding layperson like myself would never imagine were possible otherwise.
  • Agent Slash for sticking around so long and writing so many stories, which [they] have regretfully not delved into much [them]self. The fanon side of the wiki community is made by its authors, and Slash has given the portal several completed series so far. Even finishing one project is hard enough, so this persistence and achievement should not go unnoticed.


Neo Bahamut

Neo Bahamut thanks:

  • Deist Zealot & HolyDragon2808 for providing [them] hours of entertainment from the bizarre dregs of Tumblr, & for their input whenever someone shows up & starts ranting about lesbians being shoved down their throat (that's what SHE saiiid!). It's quite possibly the only thing that keeps [them] let's call it sane.
  • Lady Lostris for editing the formatting of [their] fanon chapters, which somehow never seem to do what they're supposed to. But the commas are totally where they're supposed to be. And also for just being generally helpful. She has the dubious distinction of being the admin [they] go to for pretty much anything, because she's the only one [they] know is active at any given time.
  • Bomochu for reviewing said story, & remaining interested in it even afterward. [They] can't really tell how many readers it actually has, so it's always nice to hear that [they're] not just yammering into the void. In fact, if you read it, & [they] don't know, consider this an honorary thanks to you too.
  • Tono555 for providing [them] with those collapsible tables, because they've been so instrumental to keeping it readable.
  • Korra2000 for her Turf Wars discussion threads. Those comics have for a while been what [they're] most interested in regarding the franchise, so it's nice to have a place where [they] can find news [they] couldn't ordinarily keep up with, & people who want to talk about them. Now if only Amazon would send them to [them] in a timely fashion.
  • Thailog for for convincing [them] to start watching Young Justice. [They]'ve enjoyed it quite a bit. Though part of [them] still thinks [they] should have waited at least until the 3rd season started airing. Yeah, [they] know that doesn't really have to do with the Wiki, but still.

Agent Slash

Agent Slash thanks:

  • FireFerret for making this blog post and therefore bringing some unity to the community!
  • Everyone who works on a daily basis to keep this community active and who make this wiki one of the best and exemplary wikis on the web.


Tono555 thanks:

  • FireFerret for being an excellent user, super kind and for organizing this great event. which is just amazing.
  • AvatarAang7 for being a great friend for all these years. Such a great person I can talk to and very approachable, who also provides me with great entertainment with his fanon.
  • AvatarKya for being an excellent friend and person. Although she's no longer active on the wiki, we still talk and I'm so thankful I have such a great friend I wouldn't have ever met if it weren't for this wiki.
  • Korra2000 for being such great friend and helping me with German and also for keeping us posted on more Turf Wars updates!
  • Lady Lostris for keeping this wiki updated and editing and working to the best of her ability.

King Bumis Heir

King Bumis Heir thanks:

  • Everyone who still active actually… it's great to see that everyone is still here, even though [they]'ve been on some weird hiatus. [They] felt like the wiki was dead ([they] hope not), although [they] believe it's just slow.

Avatar Writer

Avatar Writer thanks:

  • Everyone on this website [they] once charished so much. [They] came by here to see of it was actually still active and unbelieveably it is. [They are] thankful to anyone who has talked to [them] in my SEVERAL years on this site and would like to give my
  • FireFerret for putting this whole shindig together.


Minnichi thanks:

  • Mageddon725 for being a dear friend who vouched for me to join the FRS before I ever did anything else on the wiki, and for being so supportive of my writing and community activities in general. I still miss him.
  • Lady Lostris for keeping this place together and, of course, being the first friendly face that got me to make a wikia account in the first place!
  • AvatarRokusGhost for catching and amiably correcting my first ever edit/blunder on this site and staying so chill and hardworking to this day.
  • Bomochu for being a true Fanon Portal team player through the wiki ages who steps up to the plate wherever he can help!
  • AvatarAang7 For his BSST team spirit and for never giving up on us returning to publish
  • Neo Bahamut for being so active in the community no matter who comes and goes, and for always striking up a good, in-depth discussion of the Avatar series!
  • {{user|KettleMeetPot and Thailog, the silent badass coders who make this site run beautifully from the shadows.


Fruipit thanks:

Deist Zealot

Deist Zealot thanks: