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I'll be covering this news again like last year, since I viewed the panel in SDCC a while ago!

They started off by showing us a trailer which is now online that told us book two comes out in September.

There are several new staff members, including Josh Hamilton, Teim Hendrick, Lauren Montgomery, Colin Heck and Ian Graham.

They showed us the episode, which I'll cover last.

They also talked a bit about the animation, which will now be done by Studio Pierrot excluding two of the fourteen new episodes. These two episodes will revolve around Wan, the first Avatar who has been an idea Bryke has had since Book 2 on Avatar but they did not know how to incorporate. And, like book 1, these two episodes will be done by Studio mir, and they feature new characters and have a very very different art style to them

The episode begins with the usual intro, and then a recap of book one, particularly the finale. It then cuts to a scene of two Water Tribe members both on a fishing boat and it appears to either be nighttime or storming. The elder fisher warns another one of dangerous spirits lurking in the waters, and walks off with a suspicious smile. An octopus/squid spirit then attacks the ship, kidnapping both fishers in its tentacles.

Cut to the opening title card, and they begin to show us the scenes we saw at last years’ comic con. This includes the scene of Bolin, Mako, Asami and Korra, ending where Korra uses the Avatar state to win an air scooter competition with the air babies.

After that Korra argues with Tenzin, believing she knows everything about the Avatar State since she is the Avatar, and also thinks she has mastered airbending despite Tenzin’s complaints. Bumi is on Air Temple Island because he retired from the United Forces and now lives with them. Tenzin is also now off the council for reasons that I couldn’t hear (sorry). Tenzin proposes a trip to visit the Air Temples with a more relaxed “vacation Tenzin” prompting teasing from Bumi who does not believe Tenzin can be relaxed.

Korra then says before they go they’re all going to the Southern Water Tribe’s Glacier Spirits Festival and Bumi teases Tenzin saying Tenzin can’t tell Bumi not to come since Katara invited him. Then there’s a cut to the ship taking most members of Book one to the SWT. Korra is talking to Mako who is recounting the scene we saw earlier, and is particularly proud of his line “looks like you were having car trouble, good thing the police arrived”. Korra asks if he wrote that, and Mako says he did and lists off several more that he’s written. Korra points out one she likes to Mako, which he says he’ll use next time. He also tells Korra that Chief Beifong says he may be promoted to a detective soon.

The ship then arrives in the SWT. Here we meet Kya, who teases Tenzin for being scared she’ll beat him up, to which Tenzin responds that he’s not afraid of her… anymore. Bolin is excited about the large crowd there appearing to greet them, but Korra corrects him and says they’re actually here for “them”, pointing at Unalaq and his children. Bolin says he’s into both twins, and Korra tells Bolin that Desna is male. Unalaq seems disappointed that the Glacier Spirits festival isn’t as it used to be, and describes the deeply spiritual roots it had. He also asks Korra if she will have him as her spiritual guide, but Tonraq and Tenzin insist that Korra is busy with airbending training. We also get a glimpse at the relationship between the two brothers

Korra then learns about the attacks on sailors and becomes interested in better fighting spirits, and this continues to her growing disinterest in learning airbending. Asami then takes Bolin to go in and meet Varrick who she believes will help her run Future cities. She tells Bolin he’s her assistant and that he should not speak at all. The two enter in on Varrick surrounded by a large crowd and sitting on a pillow. He asks about his levitation, and Bolin tells him he isn’t levitating at all. Varrick appears to be mad, but instead fires his levitation instructor and tells Bolin that he likes his style. He then shows Bolin what appears to be the first moving picture, (it’s of an ostrich horse) but then says that it’s old news and shows off a show girl he has named Ginger (probably because she has bright red hair, perhaps hair dye has reached the Avatar world?)

Asami then asks him about the deal, prompting a stare down and Varrick says that he agrees. Asami is pleased with the interaction and hugs Bolin.

Then we get to see a meal. Unalaq expresses his disappointment in the lack of the SWT’s spirituality, and says he plans to change that in the future much to Tonraq’s displeasure. Korra also finds out that it wasn’t in fact Aang’s wishes to have her locked away, but rather her father and Tenzin’s. This makes Korra rather upset, seeing as she wishes she could have had more control over her life.

We also get to see Tenzin with his siblings, both of whom are teasing him particularly about “vacation Tenzin”. Tenzin seems to take on the younger brother role quite easily.

We then get to see Bolin Mako and Korra at the festival. Mako and Korra are feeding each other cotton candy, which causes Bolin to feel discomfort. He tells Korra he’s going to make a move on Eska, and Korra tells him she’s always found the twins rather creepy.

Bolin begins talking to the twins, and Densa does not seem to like Bolin from the get-go. The twins speak in a dull tone and very formal. Eska then grabs Bolin by the hood and tells him “you amuse me, I will make you mine” and drags Bolin by the hood and tells him to win her something at the games.

Korra and Mako begin playing a water squirting game where water is squirted from guns into a chibi Aang’s mouth. The two start talking about Korra’s being locked away, prompting Korra to get upset and angrily but unintentionally bend a ton of water into Aang’s mouth, letting her win a stuffed Appa. Mako seems to say the wrong thing to Korra, telling her he supports her. Korra asks if he really thinks so, and he says he doesn’t know, but he supposes he should support her no matter what he thinks of her decision. Korra gets mad and throws the stuffed animal at him and Mako calls after her questioning if he should be supportive or think.

Then we get to see the fight with the spirit clip we saw before. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the spirit voiced by Grey but is a different spirit (so anybody may want to fix that). The only real changes are that we see Bolin, Mako, Tenzin and Tonraq all attempt to fight the spirit to no avail. Unalaq then uses the water to form a spiral around the spirit. The water begins to glow, and then the spirit glows. Unalaq then offers again to become Korra’s spiritual advisor, which she says yes to saying she needs to learn how to fight spirits rather than airbending, and she breaks off her ties with Tenzin. Tenzin seems very hurt, but remains a respectful attitude toward Korra and her decisions. Kya and Bumi are going to go with Tenzin to attend to the Air Temples. Korra then asks Mako if she made the right decision, and he seems to agree.

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