Nothing really news here, (hence why this isn't a newsblog), but if you're interested in the music for Avatar and Korra I thought this reddit AMA with Jeremy Zuckerman (one half of the music behind Korra/Avatar) was pretty interesting.

For those of you who aren't aware, a reddit AMA is basically where a person noteworthy provides some form of proof that they are who they claim to be, then spend a period of time answering questions users send in. Unfortunately I discovered this after he was done answering, but there are some interesting questions and answers down there.

He doesn't talk too much about Book 2's music, but he does mention there might be a military band organ sounding piece, and some jazzy stuff, but much less than in Book 1 since the mood of the Book is very different.

Also if you're wondering he doesn't say anything about an Avatar soundtrack just that (which was already stated before) it's more likely if you purchase the LoK soundtrack.


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