According to a new tumblr post by Grey Delisle, Korra is probably coming in the summer. It's possible that she wasn't supposed to release this information (as the message is kind of mysterious), but has kindly agreed to release it nonetheless!

To me, this is very exciting because I was honestly expecting a date in more around fall.

In other news (credit to AvengeBender007 for finding this), the Track Team has tweeted that some exciting news is coming soon. Which, may be a LoK soundtrack! It is well-known that the Avatar & Korra fandom has been pushing and pushing for a soundtrack, so this may mean that we are receiving what we want! However, this could be something relating to Kung Fu Panda, or even another project (which will be very exciting nonetheless— I feel that The Track Team is extremely talented)!

Either way, it's good to hear something new even if it will probably be taken back in less than a week.

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