A new and canonical web miniseries has been released on! This web series was written by Tim Hendrick, and designed by Evon Freeman. It follows a young Mako and Bolin struggling to survive in Republic City.

Thus far only one part of three has been released, but in it we see Bolin and Mako pull a scam on a woman, and then head to talk to Shady Shin. We also see Toza being paid 10,000 yuans to lose a match, so that Shin can get a benefit by betting against them and collecting lots of money.

It still includes David Faustino as Mako and PJ Bryne as Bolin, and the music that's shown is a lot of the pieces that we already heard in Book one, like the music that plays during the chase and Bolin wants to Know. However, the art style for the new comic is very different from the two studios that have animated Korra. Personally, I still think it's a nice twist on the show and I think it fits in well with the universe that has been established surrounding the Avatar world.

We've also gotten a bit of new information, including that Toza was the earthbending captain of a team that Bolin loved, and he was also Bolin's idol. In addition, we get to see how Mako and Bolin survived and that even from early on Mako had a "hustle or be hustled" attitude about surviving in the City.

In the future: I'm predicting we'll likely get to see how Mako and Bolin moved into the pro-bending business and living with Toza. I also think we'll probably get to see Pabu because the little guy hasn't showed up yet and at the end of the episode he pops up in the corner.

So? What do you think of the new series? Are you excited for a look at Mako and Bolin's past or are you tired with new things and just eager for Book 2? Maybe both? Any future predictions? Feel free to leave any thoughts in the comments!


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