Heyo! So, now that Book 2 is almost officially over with, we could take a break...

Or spring right into action in Book 3! Either way, I feel like everybody might want a little refresher as I explain everything we know thus far about Book 3, which, I may add, is very minimal.

Stuff we know about Book 3:

  • It will heavily feature Lin Beifong.
  • Korrasami friendship likely occurs in this book.
  • It will be 13 episodes.
  • The wait will be shorter than the wait from Book 1 to Book 2.
  • The first episodes have already been animated.
  • There will be likely be a new character Opal, voiced by Alyson Stoner.
  • New bad girl who's not a firebender voiced by Grey DeLisle, possibly waterbender.
  • Book 3 may take place in the Earth Kingdom, as Bryan Konietzko mentioned an Earth Queen.
  • Book 3 will be called "Change" and deal with the changing world since humans and spirits now live together.
  • Lots and lots of Bumi in Book 3.
  • Book 3 takes place only a few weeks after Book 2— no large time skips this time.
  • Some storyboards :


Small note: Some things don't have sources as they've been reported numerous times throughout and thus have numerous sources associated with them, just ask me if you're curious and I'll link you to one :)

So, what do you think about book 3? Any hopes, fears, speculation, etc?

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