Well, recently Korra Nation made a post in Tumblr, that says that on Friday, Bryke (The creators of "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and "The Legend of Korra") will be answering the fandom's questions!

RageOfFluffy has kindly agreed to let us use his tumblr,, where your questions will be broadcasted under the #AskBryke tag.

Leave your questions for Bryke below, and, hopefully, we could get a response! Keep in mind that Bryke probably won't be able to answer spoiler-y questions. So nothing like "Who is Amon", or "What happened to Zuko's mom", or "Who is Zuko's wife?", or "Who is Toph's husband". Especially after seeing this post from Bryan Konietzko.

Thanks! Just thought I'd spread the word around ;)

NOTE: All questions WILL be cut off on Thursday. Wednesday will be your last day to post, so get them in before Thursday, for a shot at having Bryke answer your questions!

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