Okay, so, there are a TON of these theories about the masked man, Amon, out there, so I decided that I should make a blog to round them all up neatly.

If there is a theory that was missed, feel free to add it in (In comments). Also, you can add new information on an existing theory.

There will be two sections, one for real theories, one for troll/joke theories. Troll/joke theories being suggestions like "I beleive that Amon is Pabu", and suggestions like "I beleive Amon may have traded his face to Koh the Face Stealer Belong in the real section.

On each theory on the real section there will be a section for disproofs to the theory, or anti-proofs, as to why those theories may not be correct. You can add these to existing sections as well. All support proof goes on top, and con evidence goes on bottom. (In the section after the text)

DO NOT: Add troll/joke theories to the real theory section or vise-versa. Please treat this similarly to a real article, and don't vandalize, because, most likely, I, not Admins or Rollbacks, will have to be the one to sort through it. Also: Don't remove any theories with substantial content (more than a sentence, but troll/joke theories with only one sentence may stay).

Pictures may be added, (One per theory maximum) but must follow the Image Policy.

Final rule: Have fun! :)

Real Theories

Amon Traded his Face to Koh for Energybending

This theory is largely based on what Amon said in "The Revelation" about a Spirit giving him his abilities, and the fact that a mask covers Amon's face. Some fans believe that Amon traded his face to Koh, the face stealer, for the ability to energybend, which is why he wears a mask: to cover for the fact that he doesn't have a face

Oppose Cons — We have seen Amon's eyes, and he needs a mouth to talk. When Koh takes faces he takes the entire face of someone.

Amon is a Second Avatar

Some people believe that when Azula struck Aang's back, another [[Avatar, Amon, was born. However, when Aang was revived, Amon lost the ability to bend all four elements, and could only energybend and enter the sprit world. This is why he hates benders: because he could have been one. And, this is why Korra is unspiritual:

Oppose Cons — When Aang was struck he was in the Avatar State, thus probably temporarily killing the Avatar Spirit as well, so it couldn't be reincarnated.

Amon is Aang and Katara's son, Bumi

This theory has been around for quite a while, actually, even before Bumi, himself was formally announced. The people who support this theory believe that Bumi was jealous that he grew up in a family of benders, and was somewhat unappreciated being the only non-bender. He inherited energybending from his father, and he grew a hatred of benders and set out to destroy them all. He wears a mask so nobody can recognize the son of the Avatar.

Oppose Cons — Aang and Katara would most likely be loving parents: despite bending abilities. Especially considering Katara's parents and brother were non-benders.

Amon is Aang

This theory grew to be popular after a picture was "leaked" on the internet of an airbender resembling Aang in a hooded outfit similar to the one that Amon wore, holding Amon's mask with an apologetic look on his face. The theory was reborn when other picture were "leaked" online of the finale showing Korra wearing Mako's scarf, in the Avatar State, and Amon defending himself from her attacks in an Air bubble.

Oppose Cons — The second of the leaks was confirmed to be fake.

Oppose Cons — When one Avatar is alive, the other must be dead.

Oppose Cons — Nickelodeon and Bryke confirmed that Aang was indeed dead.

Oppose Cons — We have seen Amon's hands, and they don't have arrows on them like Aang's did.

Amon is Tarrlok's Brother

Some people believe that Tarrlok had a brother, that Yakone taught energy bending to after having his bending taken away by Aang. Because of Yakone, he grew a hatred of benders. This is why some people believe that Amon

Oppose Cons — We don't know that Yakone could even learn how to energybend from that, let alone show someone else how to do so.

Amon is Amon

Many people believe that Amon was telling the truth: that he really had his parent cut down in front of him by a firebender, and received the ability to take away bending from a sprit. The theory is mainly accepted because, so far, this is the only theory that is at lest partially canonical.

Oppose Cons — This doesn't explain why he can resist bloodbending

Amon is a Spirit

A lot of people believe that Amon is a spirit who holds a grudge against benders for some reason. This would explain why he can resist bloodbending: because he doesn't have blood in his body. This also could explain why he can energybend, because perhaps all spirits have this gift

Oppose Cons — Sprits can almost never enter the human world.

Oppose Cons — There would be almost no reason for a sprit to hate benders.

Troll/Joke Theories

Pabu is Amon

"Think about it. Pabu was tired of his master Bolin who was an earth bender, Bolin was always showing off his awesome earthbending and slowly Pabu got jealous. Pabu thought that humans shouldn't deserve bending powers so he got a robot human looking suit and took away their bending! How? Well, he's a fire ferret that's how! Fire ferrets know stuff that we don't! It all fits in! thats why Amon wears a mask and gloves! because beneath it is a robot! and benath that is Pabu! It all fits in! No one ever suspects him! So pabu can safely spy on them while taking over the world!! Ask you self: Have you ever seen Pabu and Amon at the same place at once?? NO!" ~Differentt of the Message Boards

Amon is the Ravatar

"Amon is really the Ravatar, the secret evil half of the Avatar. He can energybend, lightbend, and shadowbend. He raises shadow-monsters and covers them in masks, and taught them chi-blocking, because he swallowed up Ty Lee. (Oh yeah, he can also suck up people's souls)

In the end it will all come down to a heated battle between Korra and Amon, when he removes his mask and Aang posses Korra. Then it will be revealed that Amon is really Avatar Aang's brother who was hidden in the back of the iceberg so Sokka and Katara didn't see him." ~Me, as an Anonymous

Amon is M. Night Shyamalan

Some fans say that it is truly M. Night hiding under the guise of Amon, making yet another attempt to change the Avatar World! Jealous of how fans thought of his movie, he went undercover and decided to destroy the Avatar World for once and for all.

(If anyone has a direct quote of someone who started/supports this theory, I'd be glad if they could change this one)

Amon is Pema's Unborn Child

"Pema said she didn't want a bender child, and her words cursed it for all time to become someone who hated bending!"

~Me, Inspired by Cactuar's comment on the LOK boards

Amon is Basco's Son

"Amon is the son of Bosco, the Earth King's old bear, who wants revenge because his father was killed by Zuko in The Promise Part Three. He can energy-bend because Bosco mated with Hei Bai in the Spirit World, and he can slightly resist bloodbending because his blood is half Spirit World blood." ~Twinkle Toes 14

Amon is the Mona Lisa

"What is Amon an anagram for? Mona. AMON IS THE MONA LISA! He doesn't even have blood, so he faked struggling against bloodbending, and can energybend because paintings are spiritual beings. The wears a mask because everyone knows the Mona Lisa, also, Leonard da Vinci was killed by the Fire Nation during the 100 Year War" ~Twinkle Toes 14

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