This information comes from Alyson Stoner's personal website:

From Alyson Stoner's blog:

A glimpse at my newest projects for 2013:

~The A List – “Lacey” – Independent film, set for summer release

~Voicing “Strawberry” in Super Buddies

~Voicing “Opal” in Nickelodeon’s The Legend of Korra

~Voicing “Natty” in the US version of Disney’s “Violetta”

~Voicing a familiar character in a popular video game (can’t spill details yet)

~Teaching Hip-Hop Masterclasses at Urban Reach Vermont – Feb. 1st, 2013.

**REG HERE: ***POSTPONED*** Celebrity Share Weekend Note: The music industry is a pistol. Promises, broken promises, waiting, no results… Reaching the brink. May be wiser to limit my investment here (unless a clear opportunity to use music for positive change arises). I’m not in it for the fame or fortune; pure noise isn’t my ammo. I only want change, and that may have to happen through a different outlet.. What’s on the horizon in 2013 for you?


According to Alyston Stoner's personal website, she has confirmed to be appearing in The Legend of Korra during 2013 as a character named Opal. Who, exactly, Opal is remains unknown. Many have already begun to speculate that she is the female twin who was mentioned at San Diego Comic Con. However, seeing as this season deals with spirits, the opportunities are near infinite. She could even be a spirit, for all we know! However, after a long break from any Korra news, it's good to see something new.

You can hear more of my thoughts about this and Book Two of Korra in the next BSST.

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