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    According to someone apparently at Gallary Nucleus , they were able to get a bit of time aside with Mike and Bryan and were able to ask a few questions.

    This interview explains that no, there is not a lost episode that "Remembrences" would have been, since the budget was cut early enough that they planned the season around 12 episodes. It also states that no plans for Korra comics are in motion yet, but that seeing Korra comics (covering topics such as the Red Lotus or Korrasami) are not impossible.

    In addition, a lot of the Korra crew is working on something new, jokingly titled "Korra 2.0" (although it has no connection to the original series), and the staff on board does not include Mike or Bryan. Both of them have appeared to have starte…

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  • FireFerret

    Most of this information is taken from a tumblr news post that has sources, however I will be paraphrasing, but to give credit, this the original source.

    Update 1: Added new information

    Update 2: Added old information

    Update 3: RELEASE DATE!!

    Update 4: Added info about Hiroshi Sato per 's comment

    Update 5: Added new info about Korra/removing disproved speculation.

    Update 6: New Clip

    Update 7: Trailer

    Update 8: Details + Adding Video Section

    NOTE: Before continuing I'm going to tell you there are links to videos in a separate; these contain information not mentioned in the Details section

    Book four is called balance, [1], and it will be 13 episodes long and animated by Studio Mir. The new villain has no direct tie to the Red Lotus,[2], and the final …

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    Warning: This contains Korra/Bryke criticisms. Please read cautiously!

    Yes... you read that right. Bryke admitted in an interview for the Book 2 DVD that the finale didn't make sense.

    The interview is pretty basic, I guess. It's covered here in note formula. The OP was given an early copy of the Book 2 Spirits DVD for reviewing purpose and decided to share the additional interview that was on the tape.

    The interview is pretty basic. THey tackle fan criticism of Book 2, and by tackle I mostly mean that they say "yeah i get why they're upset but (reason)". The most interesting part, for me anyways, were the answers about the Book 2 finale. I'm sure we're all in agreement that it was, well, rather unclear. Here's what Bryke said on the subject, …

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    Now, from the title of the blog I bet several people have likely already taken active interest to not click. However, (hopefully) what I'm going to try and do is attempt to make a rational argument as to why pushing the show in this direction would be a good move. Not necessarily based on canon evidence for the ship (as there, regrettably, is little to none), but based on why I personally feel it would be a good route to take the show onto.

    This one I feel is a big reason for pushing to make the relationship occur. First of all, it's about time. This is an era where gay rights is becoming a very large and active discussion throughout the United States on America, and I think it's time it starts becoming an issue addressed in children's medi…

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  • FireFerret

    Book 3 Cluster Blog

    November 18, 2013 by FireFerret

    Heyo! So, now that Book 2 is almost officially over with, we could take a break...

    Or spring right into action in Book 3! Either way, I feel like everybody might want a little refresher as I explain everything we know thus far about Book 3, which, I may add, is very minimal.

    Stuff we know about Book 3:

    • It will heavily feature Lin Beifong.
    • Korrasami friendship likely occurs in this book.
    • It will be 13 episodes.
    • The wait will be shorter than the wait from Book 1 to Book 2.
    • The first episodes have already been animated.
    • There will be likely be a new character Opal, voiced by Alyson Stoner.
    • New bad girl who's not a firebender voiced by Grey DeLisle, possibly waterbender.
    • Book 3 may take place in the Earth Kingdom, as Bryan Konietzko mentioned an Earth …
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