Hello, I am going to try to write a quick summary of what i thought about each LOK episode and any predictions that i have thought up. So i will start with what i thought about episode 1, 2, and 3

Episode 1:

I thought episode 1 did a great job on kicking off the new series. The episode flowed very well by the way the characters and the past events was established. It really gave the feeling time has passed and the next avatar is being trained to become the bringer of peace. I also really liked the mixture of Cultural asian music mixed with Jazz. I really found all the characters that were introduced immediatly like-able especially the new avatar Korra. I am a big fan of Korra and her personality type and thought that the creators did a great job on taking their time with thinking up her concept. all-in-all i thought the first episode was great and I was immediately hooked.

Episode 2:

episode 2 was even better than the first episode. once again the characters introduced in this episode were smoothly introduced. The pro-bending matches were awesome and Bolin was hilarious. one thing that i began to notice is that LOK has more of a japanese animation style rather than an americanized style. Since episode 2 was once again more of an establishing-a-setting type i feel it did a great job.

Episode 3:

Episode 3 brought the series to a whole new level with action scenes and character history. the action scenes were awesome and the fight between Korra, Mako and the chi-benders was amazing. Now that we finally know what Amon and the equalists are all about and what they are aiming for just gives you a preview on how great the series is going to get. The only thing i was Meh about was the fact that so many firebenders were able to generate lightning with so much ease when in the last air bender it was extremely rare that anyone could and also i think it is too soon for the whole makorra ship since it is only the 3rd episode. That aside i think episode 3 was awesome and the preview made me wish it was next saturday already.

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