Ok so every one has been wondering who Amon is and I think I know. So my brother cody and I was talking today after we watched the legend of korra new episode "Out of the Past" and we saw Amon could resist blood bending and we knew he was not human, but we also knew he was not human becaues he could take away bending. So what is he? Well after about a few minutes of thinking we remembered that he says he was choosen by the spirits but what spirit would choose someone and teach them to take away bending? Well the one and only face stealer
Ominous Amon
Koe. We think Koe told Amon he would teach him to take away bending IF he could have his face, and thats why he wears the mask, and why would Koe want someone to take away bending? WELL Koe said benders try to kill him and without benders no one would try to kill him, and why go after the Avatar? Remember back in Avatar when Koe said the long story about avatar Kurk trying to kill him becaues he stole the face of his girlfriend, and he told Aang they would meet again, well if he meet Korra technically he would be meeting Aang again. So now we think we know who Amon is, A Victim of Koe the face stealer.

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