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  • FireBenderGirl

    Ok so every one has been wondering who Amon is and I think I know. So my brother cody and I was talking today after we watched the legend of korra new episode "Out of the Past" and we saw Amon could resist blood bending and we knew he was not human, but we also knew he was not human becaues he could take away bending. So what is he? Well after about a few minutes of thinking we remembered that he says he was choosen by the spirits but what spirit would choose someone and teach them to take away bending? Well the one and only face stealer Koe. We think Koe told Amon he would teach him to take away bending IF he could have his face, and thats why he wears the mask, and why would Koe want someone to take away bending? WELL Koe said benders tr…

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  • FireBenderGirl

    Ok, so i'm excited about the new episode of The Legend Of Korra this saturday. SO a few things i'm wondering is what is the episode called? What will happen now that the bending arena is destroyed? What will happen now that ALL republic city knows that they are in war with the Equalists? like i cant wait to see, but they didnt show a preview for this week but theres one on You Tube so if you want to see it go to You Tube and look up legend of korra episode 7 and watch it it's about 1:08 long and it tells about some things that you may have questions about. So if your excited too about the legend of korra follow me and i will keep you caught up with all of the info i find out

    Thank You For Reading My Post

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