aka Jakob!

  • I live in Airstrip one
  • My occupation is Student and future military.
  • I am I hope I am male.
  • FenderBender

    So, the internet has had me thinking lately. Mostly about what about the internet that makes people so dang obnoxious. The thing that makes people scream curse words and insults and to make highly inappropriate comments. These people are not all like this in real life as most people will not get that heated with you face to face.

    Then after some thinking, I think I have it. The whole thing that causes this (and ironically, one of the things the internet is built around) is near total anonymity. You could do anything you want and no one could hurt you. Although not everyone abuses that privilege and most a few people are kind or courteous, many are not. Ignorancy and idioticity run rampant on the internet.

    But we established that the internet iā€¦

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  • FenderBender

    My first day on the wiki

    November 14, 2011 by FenderBender

    Yeah, I do not think I am going to go into some big analysis of the community or how they have treated more or anything (although it has been quite well) but I am just really too tired to write an effective tired.

    So, I decided to write a fanfiction ( Fanon:The Resistance for all interested.) And went about the surpringly annoying task of making it. I never really get into wikia's for this reason (THEY ARE SUCH A PAIN TO EDIT) but I perserveired and was able to publish some of it.

    Of course, it is still fairly empty right now, I filled some of it but much of it is underdone and underdeveloped. In due time it will be full and nice looking but for now it is quite bare.

    Dunno why I made this, but I figured it was a mix of shameless advertisementā€¦

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