I've looked at alot of the villians of the Avatar world (many of them only evil in the comics), and then ranked them most awesome to least awesome. And that's how I discovered the truth of the Fire Lord. (Sorry about the weird numbering)

  1. Amon

  2. 2. Azula

  3. 3 Zuko

4. Tarrlok

5. Long Fang

6. Jet

7. Combustion Man

8. Heroshi Sato

9. Zhou

10. Hei Bai

11. Mai

12. Tylee

13. June

14. The Lt.

15. Yon Rha

16. Yon Rha’s mother

17. Kunyo the Teacher

18. Smellerbee

19. Kori

20. Avatar Roku

21. The Saber Tooth Moose

22. The Baby Saber Tooth Moose

23. Zutara Fans

24. Every past life of Aang’s that sucks so much as to tell him to kill someone

25. The Wolfbats

26. Jeong Jeong when he didn't want to teach Aang

27. Appa’s large appetite in Appa’s Lost Days

28. The Poetry Club in Tales of Basing Say

29. The mean girls in Tales of Basing Say

30. That angry woman who wouldn’t let refugees go to Basing Say

31. The Fire Lord

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