I like LoK, alright. I'm a hudge fan. I've go like fifty t-shirts from those make-your-own-t-shirt-websites that all happen to be Korra themed. You know, it just happened to be like that.

But there's one major flaw. They guys said that bending has to do with spirituality and genes, right? But removing people's bending doesn't alter their genes (or if it does, Amon, Korra, Aang and the Lion Turtle are all WAY to powerful). And spirituallity is compeletly optional.

Amon is trying to crush the benders, wipe out their entire population. But if he can't affect either spirituallity and genes in the long run, his entire quest will just epic fail. He can remove benders for a while, sure, but eventually the benders will just pop back long after he's dead. So, bascially, Amon sucks. Peaceout.

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