Hi! I'd say me again, but this my third blog (One of which no comments, the other only five). For those of you that were there, I;m that guy who did Dai Li Vs Equalists. But, this time, instead of a verses, I'm actually writing about a tangable subject. *Gasp*.

Everone here knows about energybending. Aang used it to defeat the firelord in book 3 ATLA, then later take away Yakone's bending in a flashback, Korra used it to restore her and lin's bending, and before any of this, we get our first real look at histroy before Kyoshi Island, and infact the era of the avatar.

And almost everyone here knows what it can do:

  1. Take away a person's bending. Remove all maniupulation of that person's element, and effectively turn them into a non-bender. Weather they retain their knowledge of the Bending Arts is Unknown.
  2. Transfer knowledge. This part's alittle less known, but when the lion turtule did the hand-on-forehead thing to Aang, the knowledge of energybending was transfered to him.
  3. Possibly the most famous use: Restoring bending. After Amon took away Lin's/Korra's bending, the Avatar restored their bending.

But here's what I want to explore: What are the limits of #3? Sure, everyone says that its giving back bending. BUT IS IT????? Suppose Korra could give people bending. Asami would suddenly be on the same track as Mako (Or bolin. She's go earth kingdom blood. Look @ Her eyes). The Eqalists could ACTUALLY EQUAL.

But there's an even bigger question: could Korra pick and chose between types of bending. Say some other bending-remover rose and once again pwns Lin. Korra could restore her as a firebender. Asami might be waterbender.

And that leads to the greatest Q so far--the one which I'll probably get a thousand negative coments about, and people will H8 on me forev.: Who says she can only restore once. I know, Only the Avatar can use more than one element...says who? The villagers were just fine with the Painted Lady being a Airbender/Waterbender. Whatif, korra could give MULTIPLE BENDING. Yes, I have, finally, arrived at the only reason you clicked on this blog: What if she could make an Artifical Avatar?

I mean, why not? Who says she can't (Aside from the opening, and, let's face it--everyone though bending was permanit too)?

Tell me how much you don't believe this in the comment section.

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