Peace, everyone! Wusup? As many of you don't know, my name is FallenFuse. I may or may not have been that one in the Ba Sing Se Times who hasn't logged in since September (Sorry).

In order to rectify (I use big words--get over it) my lack of...well, everything on this wiki, I'm setting up a tornumate, called the "Avatar Awards", which will no doubt get maybe one reader, if I'm lucky. This one is "I can talk like uncle Iroh". If you want to win, you'll have to write a comment with one of the "Iroh" quotes in each of the following subjects (Please, don't rip off actual Iroh/real world quotes)


Yes, war. Is he for it, against it, is it a metaphor for tea? WHAT WOULD HE SAY???????


Is peace better? Is it worse? Is it a cloud with a silver lining that's also a sandwich?

Time is an illusion, and so is death

How would he react? Would he say that's gibberish, or would he respond in an equally zen quote?

Speaking of an equally Zen quote...

The Equalist Revoultion

Not the admin one. The one where Tarrlok tries to fight all non-benders, and they respond by beating the everyliving zutara out of him (yes, I did just use zutara as a cuss word). Would he side with Amon, the fiend who steals a part of you forever? Or the elitist Tarrlok? Or the non-bending peoples who's power was stolen? Or the benders who hate both Tarrlok and Amon? WHO?????????

Last but not least...Tea

Yes, Tea. What would his tea quote be? (You can mix this one with any of the others, but you have to say so in your comment)

So, yeah. That's it. I don't have any awards, but if the winner finds a way, I could send you my photoshop of Kyoshi as a cheerleader. Peace.

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