Okay. Me again. Same guy from Dai Li Vs Equalists (Most people voted DL, although I was going for Equals), FallenFuse. This time new battle. Incase you don't know the slang, Gaang means team avatar, krew means old team avatar. Don't really know why these guys would be fighting, but still. They will, just because.

Team Avatar (Here on TA1)'s members include Aang, Katara, Zuko, Toph, Sokka, and Suki (Sorry, but TA2 has way too little members to compete with 8, so we'll make due with 6). New Team Avatar (Here on TA2) includes Korra, Mako, Bolin, Asami and (I added these guys so no one would have numbers advantages) Tenzin and Lin. No minions (Lin's metalbenders or the K-Warriors) will be present, nor animal guides.

Gear: Aang, second generation glider; Katara, two water pouches; Zuko, both swords; Toph,...hat?; Sokka, Boomerang and space sword; Suki, fans and sword. Korra,...sorry;Mako....;Bolin...; okay, asami, glove thing and car; Tenzin glider and Lin armor with shooter things of rope. Yeah...Shooter things of rope. Not my best discription.

Location: Okay, last time, half of the people (currently at 6) mentioned that the Dai Li would win in their normal environment, but not in the "Rift Zone" (What I'm calling that place). So, this time I'm sort of making a "Home territory" for both. Streets of republic city. Hear me out. TA1 had like fifty fights in Ba Sing Say. They've also had a megabattle in the fire nation capitol city. They're more than used to fights in city streets. Plus, by the flash backs Aang once fought there himself, along with what seems like Sokka and Toph (But they haven't reached this part of their lives when this timetravel thing that makes this possible occurs).

Abilities (Last But Not Least): For TA1 this takes place after the finally, Aang capible of all 5 bending arts excluding blood and metal bending. Katara has become able to create whirlpools, and Toph has learned Metalbending, making her the most acomplished earthbender alive. Sokka has somehow regained both boomerang and space sword (He dropped them in the actual thing) and Suki has demonstrated the ability to make fan-shields along with weilding a sword and fans profisantly. TA2...this takes palce during the When Extremes meet (Sorry, guys. I don't have cabel and watch via iTunes, but they're four episodes behind. Didn't want to do spoilers, so I don't know if they've gained any new powers), so Korra is an airbending failure, Bolin is a reg earthbender, Mako reg firebender, Asmai has leared the ways of elecircity glove and kartate along with bringing a car.

Tell me who you think would win in coments. See ya.

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