Okay, just wondering, who do you think would win (Fight in the title)? Not accounting for time which makes this impossible (Although then again---sky Bison? Bending? Giant Turtle thingthingy this strange markings who talks in a creepy cosmic voice?), Equalists would be able too take away the Dai Li earthbending, but they'd have to get past giant rocks being hurled at them from a distance along with creepy rock golves of stuff that they're of. Equalists would be able to do that with their motorcycles though, but then theres the whole part where Dai Li could just run for their no good lives and maybe (If they do that earth moving under you thing) make it.

Before you answer, well it depends on surroundings, gear, ect. ect., I'll list that. Surroundings... one of those giant/endless rooms all covered in white, only with soil (Deep, let's say few miles) at the boddem. No trees, no "cover". Both sides have all their basic gear (Dai Li: Hats, robe things, CRGOSTTO--look at first leters of what I called rock gloves above--, Gunter's Chain, Hostage Giant flying cow thing owned by the avatar which is a thousand years old and probably more trouble than its worth. Equalist: Motorcycle, Cars, electricute gloves, masks, Smoke Genades, but no airship---enough is not enough.) and are in Phalanx facing eachother, about hundred troops each.

Notice: Taking Gear is not alowed, other than rocks (Not CRGOSTTO) that the Dai Li throw and parts from broken Car/Motorcycle but not the whole thing. There will be no statagy, just plain old killing eathother.

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