Wuzup. This is the second Avatar Award. Last time (I can talk like uncle Iroh), it was a tough call (only two dudes/dudets, but still), but Origonalavtarnerdling (serrious, that name=killing it) won.

This user is the winner of the:

"I Can Talk Like Uncle Iroh Awards."

So, Frankenstorm/Hurricane Sandy is destroying new england. Glad I live in Oklahoma. I'm convinced that someone there has disturbed a spirit of an Air Nomad (who had a "dynamic character"), but that's a story for another time. Anyways, I found this really weird picture on...Bing News. Check it (look in-between picture of firefighters and picture of canno):

Can you tell who it is? (Hint: This picture is the solution).

So, yeah. This time, I'm doing weird pictrues that look like things in avatar but aren't supposed to be. Donottakepicturesjustforthisanduploadthem(please). Plz give me webadress in comments if u want 2 win. Thnx.

Ps: Just a though. Aang/Katara's kids names are Kya, Bumi and Tenzin. Kya is Katar's mother. Bumi is that awesome dude who SHOULD HAVE APPEARED IN THE FLASHBACK WHY DIDN'T HE SHOW UP??????? So, does that mean Tenzin was also named after someone?

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