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  • FallenFuse

    Wuzup. This is the second Avatar Award. Last time (I can talk like uncle Iroh), it was a tough call (only two dudes/dudets, but still), but Origonalavtarnerdling (serrious, that name=killing it) won.

    So, Frankenstorm/Hurricane Sandy is destroying new england. Glad I live in Oklahoma. I'm convinced that someone there has disturbed a spirit of an Air Nomad (who had a "dynamic character"), but that's a story for another time. Anyways, I found this really weird picture on...Bing News. Check it (look in-between picture of firefighters and picture of canno):

    Can you tell who it is? (Hint: This picture is the solution).

    So, yeah. This time, I'm doing weird pictrues that l…

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  • FallenFuse

    Peace, everyone! Wusup? As many of you don't know, my name is FallenFuse. I may or may not have been that one in the Ba Sing Se Times who hasn't logged in since September (Sorry).

    In order to rectify (I use big words--get over it) my lack of...well, everything on this wiki, I'm setting up a tornumate, called the "Avatar Awards", which will no doubt get maybe one reader, if I'm lucky. This one is "I can talk like uncle Iroh". If you want to win, you'll have to write a comment with one of the "Iroh" quotes in each of the following subjects (Please, don't rip off actual Iroh/real world quotes)


    Yes, war. Is he for it, against it, is it a metaphor for tea? WHAT WOULD HE SAY???????


    Is peace better? Is it worse? Is it a cloud with a silver…

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  • FallenFuse

    I've looked at alot of the villians of the Avatar world (many of them only evil in the comics), and then ranked them most awesome to least awesome. And that's how I discovered the truth of the Fire Lord. (Sorry about the weird numbering)

    1. Amon

    2. 2. Azula

    3. 3 Zuko

    4. Tarrlok

    5. Long Fang

    6. Jet

    7. Combustion Man

    8. Heroshi Sato

    9. Zhou

    10. Hei Bai

    11. Mai

    12. Tylee

    13. June

    14. The Lt.

    15. Yon Rha

    16. Yon Rha’s mother

    17. Kunyo the Teacher

    18. Smellerbee

    19. Kori

    20. Avatar Roku

    21. The Saber Tooth Moose

    22. The Baby Saber Tooth Moose

    23. Zutara Fans

    24. Every past life of Aang’s that sucks so much as to tell him to kill someone

    25. The Wolfbats

    26. Jeong Jeong when he didn't want to teach Aang

    27. Appa’s large appetite in Appa’s Lost Days

    28. The Poetry Club in Tales of Basing Say

    29. The mean girl…

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  • FallenFuse

    I like LoK, alright. I'm a hudge fan. I've go like fifty t-shirts from those make-your-own-t-shirt-websites that all happen to be Korra themed. You know, it just happened to be like that.

    But there's one major flaw. They guys said that bending has to do with spirituality and genes, right? But removing people's bending doesn't alter their genes (or if it does, Amon, Korra, Aang and the Lion Turtle are all WAY to powerful). And spirituallity is compeletly optional.

    Amon is trying to crush the benders, wipe out their entire population. But if he can't affect either spirituallity and genes in the long run, his entire quest will just epic fail. He can remove benders for a while, sure, but eventually the benders will just pop back long after he's …

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  • FallenFuse

    Hi! I'd say me again, but this my third blog (One of which no comments, the other only five). For those of you that were there, I;m that guy who did Dai Li Vs Equalists. But, this time, instead of a verses, I'm actually writing about a tangable subject. *Gasp*.

    Everone here knows about energybending. Aang used it to defeat the firelord in book 3 ATLA, then later take away Yakone's bending in a flashback, Korra used it to restore her and lin's bending, and before any of this, we get our first real look at histroy before Kyoshi Island, and infact the era of the avatar.

    And almost everyone here knows what it can do:

    1. Take away a person's bending. Remove all maniupulation of that person's element, and effectively turn them into a non-bender. Weat…

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