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  • I live in Rukun Cul-de-sac, Hayam Wuruk Street, Kedamaian, Tanjung Karang Timur, Bandar Lampung, Lampung, Sumatera, Indonesia, Asia, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Universe
  • My occupation is Students
  • I am Man
  • Fae the biggest fan123

    As you can see, Help me! In this fanon, You can help me.

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  • Fae the biggest fan123

    I know, if the program is aired in Nick Asia, it will be aired in other nations. But, when will Legend of Korra aired in Indonesia? If A: TLA aired in Nick on 2004, In Indonesia it was 2008. If like that, will LoK aired in 2016? Tell everyone! Especially Indonesian people like Acer Indonesia.

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  • Fae the biggest fan123

    I give my 128 characters. You ready? And please tell to other user. I want to be well known. Please 100x!

    Aang vs Amon

    Appa vs Chief Arnook

    Asami Sato vs Azula

    Bato vs Big Bad Hippo

    Bolin vs Boulder

    Bosco vs King Bumi

    General Bumi vs Cabbage Merchant

    Chey vs Chit Sang

    Combustion Man vs Dock/Xu/Bushi

    The Duke vs Fang

    Fire Nation Man vs Flopsie

    Fluffykins vs Foamy

    General Fong vs Foo Foo Cuddly Poofs

    Fung vs Gan Jin leader

    The Gecko vs Ghasiun

    Gommu vs Gow

    Great Sage vs Gyatso

    Hahn vs Hakoda

    Hama vs Haru

    Hasook vs Hawky

    Hei Bai vs Herbalist

    Hide vs High Sage

    Hiroshi Sato vs Hope

    Huu vs Sister Iio

    Ikki vs Iroh

    General Iroh vs Jeong Jeong

    Jet vs Jin

    Jin Wei vs Jinora

    Joo Dee vs June

    Kahchi vs Gran Gran

    Katara vs Knowledge Seekers

    Koh vs Koko

    Korra vs Kuei

    Kuruk vs Kuzon

    Kya vs …

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  • Fae the biggest fan123

    What is your favourite Lok episode?

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  • Fae the biggest fan123

    What is your favourite Avatar Episode?

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