K, I just need to get this out of my system. If you like the movie I recommend not reading any further unless you aren't offended by my opinions. If you hate the movie please feel free to continue onward.

I've been a fan of the original series ever since it began. It's one of the best shows that I have ever watched. The movie absolutely butchered this magnificent series. I do not like the casting. Big FAIL ever since it was announced. No, I don't care much about what race they are but i do care what they look like. I really really don't like Dev's portrail of Zuko. I can't explain why cause I really don't know. I'm just the kind of person that cares what my favorite characters look like when they have a live-action counterpart. I'm so disappointed in the way they made his scar. The waterbending probably was the coolest looking out of all of them, but still it wasn't much. The martial arts failed because they did too many movements that weren't necessary, and the movements didn't look all that awesome. Acting was whatever. They didn't act at all like they were suppose to. Aang was boring...nothing fun. Sokka stiff...nothing funny. Katara...her voice was actually pretty good but...shes boring as well.

Onto what really was ridiculous and pissed me off.

Ok I've heard this a lot from other reviews and really, fitting in a whole season into a short 1hr30min movie was an extremely stupid move. Seriously, what the hell was going through their minds when they planned this? Some of the best parts were skipped, like with the Kioshi Warriors. Either there should be 4 movies to fit the important plot points in or increase the length of the movie. With the firebending. WHAT!?!? WHAT!?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!? "He's making fire out of nothing!" THATS KINDA WHAT FIREBENDERS DO YA`KNOW!?!? Who the hell came up with the idea that firebenders can't firebend without a source of fire already there?! Thats ridiculous!!!! I cannot believe they did that. Coolest element, butchered in the cruelest way possible. Goes to show M. Night skimmed through the first season. Totally butchered the Blue Spirit also. And with the pronunciation of the names, is it really necessary to change that up? NO! This has got to be the worst live-action portrail of anything I have ever seen. But I believe there might be some hope in the future. Since I believe Toph is probably the best character ever, she could probably make this awful trilogy something worth seeing. But that depends on if they can make it all right in the it's a slim chance. Thats what I think of this awful, awful movie. Sorry if I offended the people who think it's good, but I did warn you. Your opinion about this movie is yours and I respect it, whatever it may be. I hope you will respect my opinion. I just had to rant...Thank you for reading ^_^

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