As most of you probably don't know, I changed the name of Faithless to Things Not Seen. I actually just read a book by that name, and it was really good. Also, I think this is a more appropriate name because-

Well, you'll see once the chapter's out...

...which brings me to the main point of this blog post. I'm about halfway through Things Not Seen, and something's come up. I actually have enough in the chapter that it would be a perfect segue to the next chapter and eventually, the final chapters. But the problem is that it's really short. Like, it'll probably be about two pages once I'm done editng and stuff.

Now this seems too short to me, but I just want to publish the stupid thing and get it over with, because more awesome chapters are ahead.

And since I can't make up my (psychotic) mind, I'm going to ask "the community". What do you think I should do, since you would either have to suffer through a really long monolith of a chapter or a super short one?

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