One of my personal favorite episodes is The Chase because of its awesome fight scene, but I watched it again, and I noticed some stuff that was questionable, but it's still my favorite...

To Recap...

Toph has just joined the Gaang, and refuses to do any of the work, which gets Katara all steamed (Get it? 'Cuz steam is like hot water...). They are constantly chased by a huge train tank with Mai, Azula, and Ty Lee inside. The chase leaves them sleep deprived and puts them at each others throats even more. This gets so bad that Toph leaves and comes across Iroh, who's looking for Zuko, who left two episodes ago. He gives her some advice, which leads her back to Gaang just in time to help them out with an fight involving, in order of appearance: Aang, Azula, Zuko, Katara, Sokka, Toph, and Iroh. The fight and episode ends with Azula sneakily blasting Iroh in the chest and then disappearing in a vortex of fire (very classy exit, by the way).


There's an epic fight scene at the end, and it shows how much the creators and chracters have improved on their fighting skills. It's fast, furious, and eventually leads to the first time Azula's "beaten".

Questionable Stuff

  • This stuff all happens over the course of a day and a night. Now, I don't get exhausted after losing one night of sleep. You may be different, but seriously, it's not too hard to stay up all night.
  • What happened to "capture the Avatar alive?" Because Azula looked pretty ready to kill Aang in the building if Katara hadn't intervened.

Overall - 9.5/10 - it's a good episode, but some stuff is kind of out-of-character.

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