I finally sucked it up and decided to make a blog post to advertise my story, Avatar: Choices, because I have almost no readers (for the three guys that do R&R, you are AWESOME).
Black Tree Choices

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What is Choices, you say? It's my fanon (duh), and it's a crossover between a series no one knows about, and The World of Avatar. But don't worry; it's geared mostly towards Avatar people (as this is Avatar Wiki), and I think it's going along pretty good. The sixth chapter will be coming out soon, so I want more readers, as this chapter will have one of the first fight scenes in the series. Woot-woot!

If you want a little taste of what I'm doing here, here's an excerpt from a chapter:

I’m running-

And I’m running-

And I don’t know why, or from who, but I know that if I stop I die, and if I die, I lose her-

I can’t screw this up.

The branch above me explodes and as I cry out, I flinch down on instinct-

And I’m coming towards the edge of the forest and close to a lake where I know she is-

And as I look over my shoulder, a bullet comes whizzing over my shoulder, and I swear it passes right past my eyes-

I fall to the ground in shock and I’m almost to the pond where she’s waiting for me-

And as I look down into the pond, I see the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

Viola’s staring up at me from under the water.

(too late)

Her hairs just swirling around her as her eyes stare at nothing and everything at the same time.

(you failed)

She’s dead.

(sorry, sorry, I’m so so sorry)

I find I can do nothing but stare at the shell that was Viola. I slowly reach into the water and pull her out. She’s cold and stiff.


All of my rage and grief and pain explodes out of me in Noise, and when I look back at her, her eyes are closed.


And as I’m watching Viola, she groans and opens her eyes again. She coughs and then throws up a bunch of water. Then she notices me, and smiles.

And she says the thing that makes everything okay.

“You came for me.”

And then everything, including Viola, explodes in a huge burst of color and sound.

(Don't worry, I don't write weird, and my spellings not bad. That's just how Todd, one of the main characters thinks and talks. I do this style of writing after the second chapter, because I wanted some relation to the mother story)

And I swear that if this blog gets me more readers, I will eat my Converse.

(Not really, but that just shows how excited I would be if this worked.)

And on the off chance that you will go to the main story page and start reading my series, please read and reveiw, as it helps keep me motivated. :)

Thanks for reading, sorry for wasting your time, and I hope some of you may become readers!

Happy Readings! Evatar114 Yangchen-sprite

*Update!* Remembrance is now out! Please stop by and reveiw!

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