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Evatar114 September 9, 2010 User blog:Evatar114

(This is gonna be really short. I just had to say this.)

Holy crap! I'm nominated for Featured Fanon!

I literally squealed when I saw the forum. (And I'm a very high pitched squealer. It was fun.)


Thanks for all the people who had my back, especially MightyBrit.

Stuff that's coming up with Choices:

  • Fall is coming out like, tomorrow, so please read and reveiw!
    • Main thing in this chapter is plot twist, plot twist, plot twist...
    • Oh yeah, and a whole bunch of guilt and flashbacks
  • I will make character pages for Viola and Todd very soon. And that should help a lot for people who don't get Choices. (I swear, I didn't mean to confuse!)
  • Fanon Awards are coming up, and I'm very excited...
    • And not because I think I'll get nominated. I'm just insanely interested to see who does.

That's pretty much it. Happy Readings!

-- Evatar114 Yangchen-sprite

*Update* Fall is now out. Please read and reveiw.

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